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When you're living in a cramped metal tube in space with nothing but a tank of handwavium to keep you alive, the way they were four years ago and I was five years ago, their plan makes perfect sense.

Noah Scott, 20 May 2013

Proposed by Yoko Kayabuki, approved at Anticipation, and chartered in September 2009, the Venus Terraforming Project is intended to modify the atmosphere and ground of the planet Venus so that humans who have not been biomodded can live unprotected on the surface. Nobody expects Venus to become a duplicate of Earth;[1] the project's current goal is to produce a "desert world" with oases near the poles.

The project suffered a pair of setbacks in January 2013: The terraforming base Crystal Osaka was destroyed, killing dozens of people including many terraforming specialists, and one strain of the atmosphere modification bacteria was discovered to be the source of the highly-addictive drug thionite. These delayed the project's timetable by a decade.[2]

Some of the lost time was regained when plans for inexpensive solar mirrors were given to the Project in May 2013. The first of the mirrors was deployed to reduce the atmosphere's temperature one month later.

This project is being run by the Crystal Millennium, from the Cloud Cities suspended in the upper atmosphere of Venus.


Incomplete; Lifted from the Terraforming timeline.

Dec 2008
Venus Terraforming Project begins
Summer 2009
Anticipation: Formal proposals for the Venus and Mars Terraforming Projects are put together, voted on, and agreed to.
Sept 2009
Venus Terraforming Project charter signed, mainly because Venus is almost entirely Senshi run.
March 2010
Kandor-Con: Treaty of Kandor-Con clears the terraforming projects of violations of the Outer Space Treaty.
First Crystal City is orbited around Venus, and initial deployment of biomodded bacteria to convert atmosphere is made.
July 2010
Carbon Dioxide farming begins in earnest on Venus.
Sept 2010
The terraforming projects agree to avoid using Saturn for resources, going to the Kuiper Belt and Oort Cloud for water reserves.
Nov 2010
Initial trinity of Crystal Cities completed (Tokyo, Paris, and Seattle).
April 2011
Thionite first encountered.
May 2011
Crystal Kyoto, last of the Crystal Cities, finishes outfitting and is deployed.
March 2012
Delays in getting resources from the Main Belt causes the Trekkies, Warsies, and Senshi to send investigative missions out to it to assist the Wizards.
May 2012
SOS-Con: Operation Great Justice takes resources away from the terraforming projects, slowing them down.
Jan 9 2013
Crystal Osaka destroyed during anti-zwilnick activity.
June 2013
VTP deploys the first of its solar mirrors.
Sept 2013
Terraforming projects temporarily halted after attack on Serenity-con.
Jan 2014
End of Boskone War. Terraforming projects resumed.

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  1. Although some Pulpers still hope, against all reason, to turn Venus into a jungle world.
  2. The specialists estimate that's how long it would take to remove the majority of the thionite-bearing bacteria from the atmosphere.