Anthy Ten-Joh

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Anthy Ten-Joh
BornAnn Heightmeigher
ResidenceCrystal Tokyo, Venus
NationalityFenspace Convention
Other namesAnn Ten-Joh
CitizenshipThe Crystal Millennium
EmployerVenus Terraforming Project
Height165 cm / 5'5"
Spouse(s)Utena Ten-Joh

Open Character (to be used in conjunction with Utena Ten-Joh), created by Cobalt Greywalker

Ann Ten-Joh (at the time Heightmeigher) joined the Venus Terraforing Project during the outfitting stages of Castle Magellan as a botanist, helping establish the gardens that contributed to proper atmospheric recycling in the domes. The team she was in helped make a lot of the decisions and did most of the work of setting up that the other crystal cities used. It was during her work here that she met her future 'husband' Utena.

There was a lot of cross-pollination between the terraforming projects, so when her husband was seconded to Port Phobos she went along to work with her counterparts there. Because of this, she was with Utena when their ship was attacked and captured.

When it was discovered after their rescue that Utena was nearing biomod level amounts of Handwavium in her system and it would be best to get modded in controlled conditions, Ann immediately said she was getting one too. This caused an argument with the captain of their rescue vessel A.C. Peters, who was unwilling to do so at short notice for a non-medical reason. Ann was determined to do it then, and especially to have someone as highly regarded as A.C. perform it. In the end she had to offer herself as an experimental subject and pay her entire savings.

A.C. managed to successfully give Ann the same style biomod as her husband, leaving her looking like an 'Adult Entertainment' version of Anthy Himemiya only with a more exaggerated figure. Like her husband, she has since changed to using Anthy Ten-Joh as her name.

Her encounter with A.C. has changed her opinion of 'Mars-sama'. On the one hand, the arguments they had have changed the image she had from the idealised version most Senshi have to a more realistic version. On the other, Anthy is far more interested in getting her husband and herself closer to A.C.

Since the biomod she's discovered a talent for growing Roses, and has created several new varieties. None have quite the range of colours as those her fictional analogue tended, but she's getting close.


An 'Adult Entertainment' version of the Anthy Tenjou anime character.

Notable Mundane Attributes:

  • The Aphids never bother me: Botanist. Skilled at growing flowers, especially Roses.
  • I am the Rose Bride: Married to another woman.
  • A bride must be beautiful, but this is overkill: 122E-48-102cm/48E-19-40", inside leg 97cm/38 inches. Height is 165cm/5'5".

'Wavium Abilities:

  • This makes cosplay easy: Looks like an anime character.
  • I'm not exactly a ballerina: Enhanced dexterity and flexibility.


  • "Gee, you smell nice.": Generates a rose scent.
  • Walking on stilts: Must wear at least 13cm/5" heels to walk without pain, but can wear flats only with some pain. Otherwise suffers crippling agony.
  • Make a man out of you: Has the exaggerated figure of an 'Adult Entertainment' professional.
  • "Goes on and on...": Legs too long in proportion for her body.
  • "You doubt my honour?": WILL keep her promises at all costs.