Crystal Titusville

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Crystal Titusville is Unreal Estate from Mare Marginis, Luna. Launched in late 2010 and owned by the Senshi, it is part of the "Americas Cluster" of habitats in orbit around Venus. This is the home to most of the Crystal Millennium's heavy industry (although their shipbuilding facilities are still located at Mare Marginis).

It is best known as the home of Stellvia Oil (or "StelOil" in casual conversation), the largest producer of refined hydrocarbon products outside of Earth or Titan. Stellvia Oil was the first project that the Senshi and StellviaCorp. entered into – the Senshi had the raw materials, while the Stellvians had the know-how to make something useful from them and the contacts to buy the necessary equipment. That company's success is a large part of the reason the two factions are allied as closely as they are.

Crystal Titusville is also the home of the three largest "transparent carbon" manufacturing plants in the Convention. Diamondoid sheets are needed in large quantity for repairs to the Crystal Cities, and many other station-builders purchase their windows ready-made from Crystal Titusville instead of making them on-site.

"Creature comforts" are not high on the priority list at Crystal Titusville. (One can always visit Crystal Venice, Crystal Seattle, or Crystal Kyoto, after all.) Even the best local hotels and restaurants don't rate a mention in the Fenspace Travel Guide.