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Spacecraft Registry
Bolitho class patrol ship
Bolitho class.png
The Bolitho-class vessel Athena passing by Phobos
Spacecraft Characteristics
Base Hullcustom
Drive Typespeed
Drive Rating0.095c
Primary ManufacturerTakeuchi Shipyard, Mare Marginis, Luna
OwnerSailor Armed Militia, Crystal Millennium
Stellvia Corporation
FactionCrystal Millennium
Registry Numbervaries
PurposePocket patrol vessel (SAM)
Commander's launch (StellviaCorp)
Other (other owners)
Primary CrewPilot
Other Crewone passenger
Operational StatusActive
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The Bolitho class of pocket patrol ships is named after the fictional Captains Richard and Adam Bolitho, from the Bolitho novels written by Douglas Reeman. Due to the ship's small size (smaller than a United Federation of Planets Type-7 shuttle), the Bolitho is both inexpensive and easy to build; the shipwrights at the Takeuchi Shipyard can build one a month, by hand, while still building a larger Aubrey class patrol vessel elsewhere in the shipyard.

The first ships in the Bolitho class were named after ships commanded by one of the Bolithos in the novels: as of the end of 2014, the Avenger, Sparrow, Phalarope, Tempest, Hyperion, Euryalus, Lysander, Anemone, Valkyrie, Unrivalled, Athena, and Onward had all entered service with the Sammies. There is still debate whether to use the names "Firefly" and "Undine", what to name the next dozen Bolitho class ships, and whether to set up a production line to build them en masse.

While they can take part in a search, Bolitho class ships are not equipped for rescue operations.

Other Owners

The small size and superior sensors of the Bolitho makes the class a popular choice for one- or two-person runabouts, which gives the shipyards at Mare Marginis a market not dependent on the Senshi's needs for new ships. Of course, these other purchasers do not necessarily follow the Sammies' naming convention for this class ship.

  • Stellvia Corporation has purchased the SCSC Kayama, SCSC Odawara, SCSC Yagami, SCSC Artesia, SCSC St. Dominic de Guzman, SCSC Spirit of Brevard County and SCSC Amaterasu for use as commander's launches for their stations and asteroid bases and the SCSC Natasha for use as the Captain's Gig for the Rinna Kazamatsuri, with options to purchase more as the corporation or the Artemis Foundation expands.