Rinna Kazamatsuri

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Spacecraft Registry
SCSV Rinna Kazamatsuri
Rinna K.png
SCSV Rinna Kazamatsuri making a flyby past Ganymede, January 2022
Spacecraft Characteristics
Base HullGagarin-class explorer
Length133.01m / 436.4 ft.
Width228.3m / 749.1 ft. (wingspan)
Height20.7m / 67.85 ft.
Mass558,000 kg / 1,230,179 lbs.
Drive Type2x impulse engines
1x warp drive
Drive RatingPeak velocity 0.045c
Armament2x point-defence laser array
2x multi-mission launchers
Primary ManufacturerUtopia Planitia Shipyard (under license from the Soviet Air Force)
OwnerStellvia Corporation
Flag of RecordUltima
Registry NumberNCC-113
Launched16 January 2022
PurposeScientific exploration cruiser
Primary CrewR. Safety (captain)
40 officers and crew
Other CrewLarry, Moe, and Curly (Autonomous Survey Scouts, AIs)
Auxillary VehiclesTamotsu (Type-7 shuttle)
Natasha (Bolitho class refit as Captain's gig)
Operational StatusActive
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Ordered in 2014 but not delivered until 2022,[1] the Rinna Kazamatsuri[2] has the distinction of being the Gagarin-class ship that spent the longest time ever in construction drydock. She was used (with permission of Stellvia Corporation) as a testbed for the class' Block II technology, and is thus a hybrid of the two major types of ships in this class - faster and more reliable than a Block I, but not up to par with a ship built as Block II from the keel up.[3]

Assigned to the Artemis Foundation but owned directly by Stellvia Corporation, Rinna Kazamatsuri is on long-term assignment to study the Beta Hydri system. This exploration mission is Captain Safety's first independent command.


Chief Helmsman MacInnis, Chief Engineer Garcia, Chief Science Officer LaCroux, Cartographer Feingold, and the Clay Pigeons have been together since the Artemis Foundation's first survey of Zeta Tucanae in 2015.

A full crew roster (still in progress) can be found on the discussion page.

Dedication Plaque Quotation

“A ship in port is safe; but that is not what ships are built for. Sail out to sea and do new things.”
Rear Admiral Grace Hopper


The Rinna Kazamatsuri is the setting for Distance Learning.


  1. Hence her nickname "Hanger Queen Rinna," given by the Starfleet engineers who built her.
  2. Originally intended to be named "Rinna K," but somebody in Starfleet Corps of Engineers misunderstood the order.
  3. She was also a victim of the StellviaCorp/VVS spat of the late-2010s, with Starfleet slowing her construction in a show of solidarity with the Soviets.