Miyuri Akisato

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R. Miyuri Akisato
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BornNovember 9, 2013(2013-11-09)
Stellvia Station, Earth-Luna L5
ResidenceUltima station
NationalityFenspace Convention
EthnicityJapanese (AI)
CitizenshipStellvia Corporation
OccupationStation Commander
EmployerStellvia Corporation
Home townStellvia station
Religious beliefsagnostic
ParentsNoah Scott (father)

Miyuri Akisato is one of the "second generation" of Noah Scott's android assistants, and thus incorporates Rin-Rin's technical designs instead of A.C. Peters' technology. Miyuri has most of the same technical limitations as the first-generation AIs; she just reaches them on a different path (which uses more hardtech than is usual for a Fenspace AI).

She was hired as the Aerospace Traffic Control chief for station Stellvia when she awakened, taking the place of the station's original ATC chief Patty O'Neill (who was being promoted to command of station Odyssey). While she didn't know it, she was on the fast track to senior management in Stellvia Corporation (granted, "fast track" means "sometime in the next decade or two" for the Stellvians) - Noah Scott had plans for the next decade, and Miyuri was an important part of those plans... if she could handle stress, and ATC is an excellent generator of stress.

Construction of station Ultima took longer than StellviaCorp had planned, but upon its completion, Miyuri was offered the position of Station Commander there.[1] She accepted on the condition that she would not be the only StellviaCorp shareholder resident on the station; thus, Yuu Inagawa accompanied Miyuri to the corporation's most-isolated and second-most-important facility.


Miyuri is an obviously-Japanese female, with gray eyes (behind glasses) and chestnut-brown hair worn in a ponytail. Her appearance, personality, and voice[2] are based on the character of the same name from the anime Starship Operators.

Notable Mundane Attributes

  • The seeing is good tonight, as it always is in space: Skilled astronomer
  • Hai, I speak English: Bilingual Japanese/English, prefers Japanese

'Wavium Abilities

  • If I was flesh and blood, I would have fallen asleep days ago: Scott-series android


  • If I was flesh and blood, I would be stuck with this mole on my cheek: Scott-series android
  • "Bridge bunny" in another life: Based closely on a fictional character, which allows strangers to predict her reactions with some accuracy if they've found and reviewed the source material.
  • Nature's most perfect food - Sugar! Has a "sweet tooth"



Preferred Transport

The Amaterasu, a Bolitho class ship which serves as the station commander's gig.

Known Associates

As a shareholder of StellviaCorp, Miyuri counts the Stellvians as associates.

While Miyuri was serving as Stellvia's ATC chief, she formed a close relationship with Jake Hansen, the station's Operations Manager. This relationship ended when Jake was promoted to Station Commander of Stellvia, but the two remain good friends.

Miyuri is also a friend of Anika Daini, who she met while Anika was working through the dessert menu at Meg's for the first time. They regularly email each other about new and exciting sweets and sweet-shops that they've discovered.


  1. Continuing the pattern established by her predecessor as Stellvia ATC chief; there's intense competition to be appointed as the station's next permanent ATC chief.
  2. The Japanese voice, of course.