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This page contains Fenspace Infinities material. Fenspace Infnities material hasn't "happened" by the current timeline, though it's already been referenced in future-history or alt-history Fenspace stories and discussion. Here there be dragons of questionable canonicity, you have been warned. --The Mgt
Spacecraft Registry
SCSD Eyrie
Spacecraft Characteristics
Base HullIsland class station
Primary ManufacturerGreenwood, Unltd.
OwnerStellvia Corporation
Flag of RecordFenspace Convention
PurposeResearch base, Resupply base, Colony, Liberty port
Auxillary VehiclesSCSV Rinna Kazamatsuri
twelve Adler class transports (one outfitted as a medical ship)
two Roadrunner class frigates
five Bolitho class patrol ships
many others, privately owned by the colonists
Operational StatusPlanned
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Created by Rob Kelk

SCSD Eyrie is an Island class station, built in the early 2020s by Greenwood, Unltd. for Stellvia Corporation. It is being constructed, outfitted, and crewed in Ganymede orbit; once this is finished, the station will be flown to its permanent orbit around Thule in the Zeta Tucanae system.

Eyrie's primary mission will be the colonization and exploration of the Zeta Tucanae system. It will also serve as the home port of SCSV Rinna Kazamatsuri during that ship's survey of Beta Hydri (and, eventually, other nearby systems).

The station will be operated as a "neutral port" - it will offer resupply, recreation, medical, and drydock facilities to all ships of all factions. Eyire will include a state-of-the-art general hospital, fully stocked and staffed before the station leaves the Jovian sub-system.

As is standard in all Stellvia Corporation and Artemis Foundation installations, Eyrie will have its own Interwave and Halcyon nodes. They are to be oversized, overpowered, and triply-redundant nodes, capable of maintaining connections between Zeta Tucanae and both the Delta Pavonis and Sol systems simultaneously and without assistance.