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"Greenwood Station" redirects here. This article is about the space habitat; for the company, see Greenwood, Unltd.; for the school, see Greenwood Technical Institute

Spacecraft Registry
Spacecraft Characteristics
Base HullAsteroid (Spitzer Catalogue Number 649/B3/1986)[1]
Length~ 18 km
Width~ 9 km
Height~ 4 km
Drive TypeDeSitter Plasma Vector Interpolator
ArmamentNone known
Primary ManufacturerRockhounds, Inc.
OwnerChris Marsden
Flag of RecordUnited States of America, Earth
Registry NumberECS-05-SR
Launched22 January 2009
PurposePrivate residence; Corporate headquarters of Rockhounds, Inc.
Primary CrewChris Marsden (Owner/Operator)
The Bo'sun (Ship's Cat)
Ayanami Rei (Chief of Maintenance, probable 'wave-construct)
Other CrewAmy O'Connell, Transrationality Science Assessment Bureau (Frequent Guest)
Auxillary VehiclesECS-05a Loki ('waved Toyota Corrolla)
ECS-05b Heimdall ('waved Winnebago)
ECS-05c Sleipner ('waved former US Navy ocean tug, used for asteroid haulage, corporate asset of Rockhounds, Inc.)
Other personal vehicles of residents and guests
Operational StatusActive
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Created By ECSNorway

Rockhounds' corporate headquarters, usually found in Earth Orbit, Lagrange Point Four[2]

Aside from this, Greenwood Station is best known for its public spaces, specifically Greenwood City.

Greenwood City

Main article: Greenwood City

This well-known industrial town (population breaking 30,000 in 2015) takes up a large percentage of the asteroid's volume. A massive cavern was hollowed out within the rock and fitted with life support and Enhanced Video Environment to simulate an Earthlike environment. It is generally considered to be one of the most comfortable and familiar places for FenDanes and other Earthers to live and work in space. The station's occasional movements give it something of a feel of living and working on a giant cruise ship, according to the Greenwood Tourist Bureau.

The Garden

Located at the nominal 'top' of the asteroid, with its own domed ceiling transparent to allow a view of space outisde, the Garden is a miles-wide natural area. Populated by carefully-transplanted parkland grass, flowering plants, and forest, the Garden is the premier spot for nature-lovers among Greenwood's populace.

Approximately one-quarter of the garden is marked off as private property. Greenwood's owner and CEO, Chris Marsden, makes his primary residence there.

Known Quirks

  • The drive will not work above atmospheric speeds without a wood fire burning in one of several fireplaces. No one is quite sure why this is, except possibly Rei. Fuel for such fires is carefully hoarded from deadfall in the Garden and occasionally purchased in cord lots from Earth. In order to accomodate this, the 'bridge' area has been expanded to include a rather comfortable lounge, complete with fireplace and fuel storage area.
  • A sign on the large vehicle-entry airlock at the bottom of the asteroid reads "Turtles Welcome Here".

Known Crew/Resident Quirks

  • Captain Marsden, as CEO of Rockhounds, Inc., and an active collaborator with the TSAB, is one of few fen who actually encourages a widening of fendane and mundane activity in space. He rigorously maintains and defends his American citizenship and an Earthside residence, going so far as to pay taxes and vote.
  • Ayanami Rei takes care of the 'garden' and much of the actual machinery that runs the Greenwood, including its engines. She simply appeared one day, when a guest went out to mow the lawn and found it already done. It is speculated that there might be more than one of her (or that 'she' might simply be a projection of a tulpa or other paraphysical life-form), boring tasks tend to be completed when no one's looking and interesting ones whenever someone is actively looking for her.
  • The Bo'sun is a cat. Being a cat is, by definition, considered to be a quirk.

Recorded Firsts

  • First operational greenhouse in space.
  • First Earth-registered business to have its headquarters in space


  1. The Spitzer Catalog is fictional, based on a proposal currently under review; the number is a hatpull
  2. Varies on occasion, this is the favored "parking orbit"