Jennifer Lambretta

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Jenny Lambretta
ResidenceGreenwood City, Greenwood
NationalityFenspace Convention
CitizenshipDominion of Canada / Greenwood
EducationB.S. Astronomy (University of Toronto), M.B.A. (Greenwood U)
OccupationField Operations Liaison
Home townToronto, Dominion of Canada
Spouse(s)Lynn Dolittle
ChildrenSally Ford

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Jennifer Lambretta is the second daughter of Canadian industrialists Hugh and Jessica Lambretta, an 'old money' family with investments in several fields. Long interested in the economic opportunities associated with space travel, she graduated from the University of Toronto in 2009 with a degree in Astronomy (and a minor in Law). She immediately applied, successfully, for a position with the newly-formed Rockhounds Inc.


Her initial position was 'Field Operations Liaison', a business euphemism for the people who interfaced between the corporation and the independent miners who prowled the Belt. Jenny proved as adept at handling the cussedly independent miners as she did the corporate hierarchy, and rose through the ranks quickly. By 2016 she was Vice President of the Field Liaison Department. In 2022, when Chris Marsden stepped down from the CEO's position, Jenny was named his chosen successor.


Jennifer prefers to maintain a casual attitude, carefree and easygoing most of the time. This 'soft touch' usually works well for her, especially when dealing with the hard-nosed, irascible sorts who take up small-scale belt prospecting. She's just as good when it comes time to take charge, give orders, and get in peoples' faces, though. That combination is what attracted Rockhounds' higher-ups to her, resulting in her rapid rise through the corporate hierarchy.


Jenny and her wife, Lynn Dolittle, maintain a comfortable residence in Greenwood City. Both hold Valkyrie pilots' licenses, and enjoy flying when they are both able to get away at the same time. They are active in the community and Convention scene, as well, including several charitable groups. In 2018, they adopted five-year-old Sally Ford, whose parents had been killed in a mining accident.

Jenny is bio-modded, having deliberately sought out a change based on her favorite anime. Her 'Lum, Princess of Uru' costume had won 'Best of Show' at a Toronto convention in 2007, and in 2011 she reprised the role with the assistance of some guacamole.

Mundane Skills and Abilities

  • Excellent businesswoman with strong leadership skills and intimate knowledge of economics.
  • Valkyrie pilot licensed by Greenwood City
  • Very competent amateur astronomy
  • Filthy Rich

Handwavium-Based Abilities

  • Red Oni, Blue Oni... Green Oni? Jennifer possesses all the abilities to be expected of a Royal Urusian Oni, thanks to her biomod. These include flight, a minor upgrade in strength and toughness, and of course Lum's signature electrokinesis. She also sports a pair of small horns on her forehead, although these are normally covered by her hairstyle. (Her costume design included some heavily-waved force field generators installed in the horns. Now? It's all natural.)