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This article is about the space station. For the faction or the business, see Stellvia Corporation

Spacecraft Registry
L5 Station Stellvia
Stellvia as of 2014, with SC Ad Astra docked at the hotel passenger terminal.
Spacecraft Characteristics
Base HullCustom-built hull modules
Length352.65 m / 1157'
Width472.65 m / 1550'
Height151.48 m / 497'
Mass65,000 mt / 71,650 tons
Drive TypeReactionless thrusters
Drive RatingStation-keeping only[1]
Armament2 concealed point-defence turrets
OwnerStellvia Corporation
Flag of RecordRepublic of Australia (until October 10, 2014)
Stellvia Corporation (after October 9, 2014)
Registry NumberL5-A
Launched4 April 2008
PurposeTrading post and tourist resort
Primary CrewNoah Scott (Commander, until December 5, 2014)
Jacob ("Jake") Hansen (first-shift Duty Officer until December 5, 2014, then Commander)
R. Yoriko Nikaido ("Number One" and Security Chief, until June 5, 2013)
R. Yayoi Fujisawa (Chief Pilot, also "Number One" June 6, 2013 - December 5, 2014)
R. Sora Hasegawa (Chief Engineer, until August 2013)
R. Kohran Li (Weapons Engineer until August 2013, then Chief Engineer until 2018)
P. Ingless (Chief Engineer after 2017)
Other CrewPatricia ("Patty") O'Neill (first-shift ATC officer, until November 2013)
R. Miyuri Akisato (first-shift ATC officer, after October 2013)
Rhiannon MacKenzie (Nurse, emergency medic)
Leda Swansen (Geneticist, joined on 15 April 2013)
Kelly Harrison (Hotel Stellvia majordomo)
many others
Auxillary VehiclesSS Epsilon Blade (L5-A-001)
SS Stellvia Annex (L5-A-1) (until 2018)
SS Ad Astra (L5-A-002)
SC Haruka (L5-A-007)
SC Virgil Samms (L5-A-901)
SC Little Deuce Coupe
Operational StatusActive
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Game Statistics

Welcome to Stellvia, the Gateway to the Solar System!

Stellvia Corporation television advertising campaign

Stellvia isn’t the first Fen space station[2], or the largest[3], or the friendliest[4]. However, it is the first and best-known Fen space station in Cislunar Space; this makes it a natural transfer point for Mundane tourists venturing into Fenspace, or Fen with business on Earth.

The station takes pains to maintain a family-friendly reputation on Earth, much like the Disney corporation does for its theme parks (with the same relative level of effectiveness). Some 'Danes never get farther away from Earth than a stay in Stellvia's hotel complex (in 2013, six floors of rooms, plus a three-star restaurant, a gift shop, and a zero-g "weightless swimming pool"). Because many 'Danes expect to see biomodded Fen in space, the hotel's public staff include attractive anthropomorphs (Kelly Harrison, a bunnygirl, is the hotel manager, and two catpeople and an albino bunnygirl are on different shifts as desk clerks).

Very few Fen consider Stellvia to be a tourist destination; the vast majority of them are used to living in artificial habitats, so they see this as "just another space station." But it's one of the closest stations to Earth, so there's a steady stream of freight shipments between Earth and space through their docks. If a Fan absolutely must have an Xbox720 or a PS4 the day it's released, he's more likely to find it for sale at Stellvia than at the Island or the Gnarlycurl.

But people who look behind the public façade discover Stellvia isn't as pleasant as it pretends to be. The station's owner, Noah Scott, is known in certain Fen circles as "the richest SOB in space;" the reputation isn't unwarranted. One of the senior engineers caused millions of dollars of damages at Worldcon Floating Island by testing a single prototype weapon, and got a promotion for her trouble. They hire Fen with distinctive biomods so that the 'Dane tourists have someone to gawk at. And Stellvia doesn't allow Ninjaburger to deliver on-site (not that that stops the delivery-genin).

Also, Mr. Scott has surrounded himself with attractive young women - young women who are very good at their jobs, to be sure, but some Fen wonder whether they were hired for reasons that have nothing to do with their "day jobs." Some people say that one or two of them are actually robots (especially after Mr. Scott practically admitted the station's chief engineer at the time, Sora Hasegawa, was an android on the occasion of the Grover's Corners launch), and a few claim that Stellvia's entire senior staff is made up of robots. Some of those Fen remember the word "fembot," and worry about what Noah might be planning - when asked, Mr. Scott blames such theories on the jealousy of other Fen.

Stellvia boasts of being able to host anything from a large wedding to a military task force headquarters; the latter part of this boast[5] was put to the test after SOS-Con, when it hosted the operational command of Operation Great Justice. This continued until May 2013, when a major ongoing difference of opinion caused the station administration to evict the Great Justice general staff.

During the Boskone War, Stellvia was a popular location for shore leave because it was the best-defended station between Earth and the Island that would welcome strangers (both during and after the SOS group's residence there).

Known Vehicle Quirks

Thanks to its owner's preference for using hardtech, Stellvia is remarkably quirk-free.

Available Ship Facilities

As of Operation Great Justice, Stellvia can dock almost anything, if they're willing to use boarding tubes - come alongside and dock.[6]

Internal landing space is extremely limited. Officially, there are five landing slips - the largest, in the shuttle tanks, is dedicated for the Epsilon Blade (which is roughly the size of the Delta Flyer from Star Trek: Voyager), the other four, in the new construction, are for car-sized Space Craft such as the Saturn 0, the Jet Car or the Candy Apple Red. One of these four slips is reserved for Leda Swansen's car Haruka. (Unofficially and secretly, there's another landing slip purpose-built for the Little Deuce Coupe, the car Noah uses when he travels incognito; on station diagrams, the space is marked as maintenance supplies for the 'Blade.)

However... If you're looking for someplace to set down for repairs, then Stellvia is not the place to come; its drydock is reserved for official business only, unless it's a real emergency. (They don't turn away anyone who's really in trouble unless the station's under quarantine.)


  • While many fen craft are named after fictional ships and stations, Stellvia is one of the few whose name was licensed by the owner from the writer who coined the name.
  • Stellvia beat the Warsie L5 base New Yavin into operation by exactly one month - that base could have been operational earlier, but the Warsies wanted to open it on Star Wars Day, May the Fourth (be with you) 2008.

Stellvia Crew Uniforms

In the station's early days, when there were just five people aboard, the de facto crew uniform was jeans, polo shirts, and deck shoes. Mr. Scott decided to specify duty uniforms, varying depending on department, when he started hiring additional crew on 1 July 2009:

  • Commander Scott wears whatever he pleases; when he wants to be known as station commander, he wears a black jacket with 'waved-Kevlar armour inserts and a simple "Stellvia" patch on the right shoulder. (His patch is the only one without a listed subdivision.) Once Jake Hansen took over as station commander, he started wearing a black jacket with the "Stellvia Administration" patch on the right shoulder, but otherwise continued wearing the duty officer's uniform.
  • Duty officers and Communications/ATC operators wear black slacks, white shirt or blouse, and sky-blue jacket with the "Stellvia Administration" patch on the right shoulder.
  • The security uniform is a white shirt or blouse, and police-blue slacks and jacket with the "Stellvia Security" patch on the right shoulder (except for the security chief, who wears the "Stellvia Administration" patch). The jacket has 'waved-Kevlar inserts.
  • Most engineers wear black slacks and a white pullover sweater with the "Stellvia Engineering" patch on the right shoulder (except for the chief engineer, who wears the "Stellvia Administration" patch). Because of the Kaboomite Incident at Worldcon Floating Island, Engineer Li wears a distinctive outfit: dark-green slacks and a emerald-green pullover sweater with the appropriate patch.
  • The maintenance uniform is blue jeans, white shirts, and a high-visibility yellow jacket or spacesuit with the "Stellvia Operations" patch on the right shoulder.
  • Pilots wear black slacks, white shirt or blouse, and a burnt-orange jacket with the "Stellvia Operations" patch on the right shoulder (except for the chief pilot, who wears the "Stellvia Administration" patch).
  • Medics wear white shirt or blouse, slacks, and jacket with the "Stellvia Medical" caudeces patch on the right shoulder.
  • Hotel and help center staff wear navy slacks and off-white golf shirts (except in the restaurant, where the traditional outfits are worn).

All uniforms can be modified to allow for biomods, but only to the minimum extent necessary. Crew who are members of other factions are allowed to wear their faction insignia(s) on the left shoulder of their jackets or spacesuits. (For example, Chief Pilot Fujisawa wears the crowned-golden-anchor Sailor Reserve patch and the L5 All-Stations team patch on her left shoulder.) Other minor adornments are permitted; the most obvious of these was previous Chief Engineer Hasegawa's hairband.

As an associated crew member rather than an employee, Ms. Swansen-Scott wears the Senshi uniform with the "Stellvia Administration" patch on the left shoulder.


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  1. At least, that's what the ship-registry databases say.
  2. That honour goes to Starbase 1
  3. That's Genaros
  4. This depends on your definition of "friendly," but Candy Apple Red's usually qualifies
  5. Oddly, Noah Scott's boast of being able to host a large wedding was not tested when he himself was married in 2014.
  6. Although if the ship is something the size of The Island or Grover's Corners, then it's not docked to Stellvia; rather, Stellvia is docked to it.