P. Ingless

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P. Ingless
P Ingless.png
P. Ingless, aboard the Kobayashi Maru
BornPepita Ingless
May 22, 1990(1990-05-22)
El Paso, Texas, USA, Earth
NationalityFenspace Convention
EducationB.S. (Mechanical Engineering)
Alma materUniversity of Texas at El Paso
OccupationChief Engineer, Stellvia
EmployerStellvia Corporation

Open Character, created by Griever and Rob Kelk

Pepita Ingless was abducted during a graduation trip to Venus in a case of mistaken identity - the Boskonians who had grabbed her had thought she was related to a high-ranking officer at White Sands. She was subsequently rescued by Great Justice, before she had been sent through a Catgirling Machine but after she had seen other captives go through that process. Rather than return to Earth, she joined the SEBureau and became Engineer of the Kobayashi Maru so that she could help fight against people who could do such things to innocent people.

Once the Boskone War ended and the SEBureau disbanded, Pepita decided she liked living in cislunar better than she liked living on Earth, and applied for a position on the engineering staff of Stellvia station. She proved to be as competent an administrator as she was an engineer, which lead to her being promoted to Chief Engineer when Kohran Li left StellviaCorp in 2018.

Pepita hates "No habla Ingless" jokes; she's heard them too many times.


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