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Spacecraft Registry
L5 Station Abliarsec
Spacecraft Characteristics
Drive RatingStation-keeping only
Flag of RecordFenspace Convention
FactionKingdom of the Abh
Registry NumberL5-F
PurposeFaction home base
Other Crewapproximately 800 people
Operational StatusActive
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After Island One and Tsunami, you’d think Abliarsec would be more of the same. Possibly you’d think it would be even worse, considering the Abh have a reputation for being aloof, arrogant bastards. To my surprise (and delight), Abliarsec was a very welcoming place; they even stopped construction to throw a party when we arrived.

And the construction they’re working on is impressive in its own right. What most Fen call ‘Abliarsec’ is what the Abh are calling the ‘West Pole’ these days. They’re building a second station called East Pole, and when they’re both done, the two stations will be the endcaps of a Cole sphere habitat that will be two miles across, making it the largest single artificial habitat in Fenspace.

Life in the station can be pretty Spartan at times, since all the adult Abh are busy with building East Pole and taking care of the youngsters. The walls vary between plain metal or wildly painted with incredible abstract art. My guide says that the art comes from the few Abh biomods they’ve managed to produce - something to do with how the ‘mod interprets the genetic gifts of the source material. The Abh-mods themselves are closer to the source material than the other Abh, but a little arrogance goes a long way in Fenspace, and the Convention’s a good teacher.

I don’t know what the Abh plan to do once they’ve finished the full version of Abliarsec - probably populate it, since there’s less than a thousand Abh in a habitat that will support fifty thousand easily - but if they manage to retain their engineering skills and drive once it’s done, they’re going to explode on the greater Convention like a bomb. It should be interesting to see.

Malaclypse Fnord

Abh biomods / Crest/Banner of the Stars fen; largely Japanese expats in nature. Third of the three remaining founding members of the L5 All-Stations astroball team.