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Spacecraft Registry
Artemis Foundation Main Belt Research Station McAuliffe
Station McAuliffe with Shuttle Challenger on approach
Spacecraft Characteristics
Drive TypeReactionless thrusters
Drive RatingStation-keeping only[1]
Armament2 concealed point-defence turrets[2]
OwnerArtemis Foundation
Flag of RecordStellvia Corporation
Registry NumberAF-04
Launched1 November 2014
PurposeResearch station
Auxillary VehiclesChallenger
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Artemis Foundation Main Belt Research Station McAuliffe is located 120° behind asteroid 2709 Sagan. Along with Station Chawla, its primary purpose is to provide coverage of one-third of the "sky" of the Solar System in support of astronomical and astrophysical research performed by the Handwavium Propulsion Laboratory.

Station McAuliffe was built by Stellvia Corporation after the April Fool's Purchase, using a plan that was considered for the expansion of station Stellvia. As is standard in all Stellvia Corporation and Artemis Foundation installations, McAuliffe has its own Interwave node. It is an oversized and doubly-redundant node, with dedicated links to both Chawla and 2709 Sagan.

Shuttle Challenger is based out of Station McAuliffe.


  1. At least, that's what the ship-registry databases say.
  2. One at each end of the axis of rotation.