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Places in Fenspace
Planetary characteristics
Orbit30.10366151 AU from primary (Semi-major axis)
Diameter49,528 ± 30 km (equatorial)
Surface Gravity1.14g
Year60,190 days
Daysiderial: 16 hours 6 minutes 36 seconds
Mean Temperature72°K at 1 Bar level
Atmosphere80±3.2% Hydrogen, 19±3.2% Helium, 1.5±0.5% Methane, ~0.019% Hydrogen deuteride, ~0.00015% Ethane
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Neptune, the eighth planet from the Sun and the fourth-largest and third most massive planet in the Solar System, was discovered by Urbain Le Verrier, John Couch Adams, and Johann Galle on September 23, 1846. It is named after the ancient Roman god of the sea.

Moons of Neptune

Neptune has fourteen known moons.

Triton would be considered a dwarf planet if it was in Solar orbit.

One of the "firsts" of the USSR Ptichka is the first landing on Nereid.

Proteus has been renamed Rura Penthe by its colonists, a group of "Klingon separatists" from the United Federation of Planets.

Galatea and Larissa share names with Main Belt objects 74 Galatea and 1162 Larissa.