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Overview map of the Main Belt and the Trojan Asteroids
Popularly known as the Asteroid Belt, the Main Belt is nowhere near as crowded as popular space-opera would have one believe. One can stand on almost any asteroid and not see any other asteroids without using a telescope, barring Fen interference.

This relative isolation of each Main Belt object, combined with the relative ease of travel between them as a group, makes the Belt an ideal location for minor factions and rugged individualists to establish homelands away from the 'Danelaw and the largest factions. Most of the largest factions also maintain bases in the Belt for the convenience of their members travelling through the area. And while nobody would call the Potterites "minor", they have chosen to place their main base in the Belt.

Places of Interest in the Main Belt

There are literally tens of thousands of known asteroids in the Solar System; far too many to list here. While most of the first five thousand asteroids discovered have names, many don't yet have even a token presence. The asteroids that have been settled were chosen either because they're large (although 511 Davida and 704 Interamnia, two of the six largest asteroids in the inner Solar System, still haven't been settled permanently[1]), or because they have names or catalog numbers that caught someone's interest.


Asteroids of Interest to Fen
Asteroid Faction Capsule Description
Ceres.jpg 1 Ceres Fenspace Convention Ceres is the largest body in the Main Belt. No one faction has control over Ceres; instead, it's administered by a democratically-elected council.
2 Pallas Fenspace Convention Pallas is home to the Principality of Laputa.
3 Juno Belters Juno is home to Juno City, a well-known "truck stop and diner" facility.
Vesta.jpg 4 Vesta Asimov Fen, Belters, Generalists Vesta is home to the Vesta Institute of Biochemistry and the Vesta Institute of Robotics, the first two post-secondary educational institutions in the Main Belt.
10 Hygiea The Wizarding World This is the busiest asteroid in the Main Belt, thanks to the Wizards choosing it as the home for their main facility, Hogsmeade, and their main school, Hogwarts.
36 Atalante The Roughriders Great Justice funded the construction of a base here for the Magnificent Midnight and the Roughriders. After the war, the base was awarded to the Roughriders, and still supports their fleet.
37 Fides The Roughriders This asteroid is home to the Roughriders' High Energy Research Laboratory.
74 Galatea Fenspace Convention It's an open secret that the Metropolis Project is headquarted on Galatea. This homeland for AIs is protected by the Space Patrol.
77 Frigga Fenspace Convention A failed mine, Frigga is both a private residence and home to Blitzkrieg Training School' and the Survival Shot.
125 Liberatrix Fenspace Convention The single largest expatriate catgirl colony in Fenspace is Liberty, on asteroid 125 Liberatrix.
238 Hypatia Fenspace Convention Home to The Alexandria Archive.
253 Mathilde.jpg 253 Mathilde none Site of one of the Myths of Fenspace; otherwise unremarkable.
334 Chicago Dorsai The Dorsai have their Fenspace headquarters on Chicago for historical reasons.
342 Endymion Crystal Millennium The Senshi have maintained an official outpost on Endymion since SOS-Con.
388 Charybdis none This asteroid has yet to be settled permanently, but it served as the staging point for the last major offensive in Operation Great Justice.
476 Hedwig The Wizarding World Hedwig hosts the the single largest Interwave communications node in the Solar System.
498 Tokio Village Hidden in Asteroids Better known as the Village of Hidden Asteroid or Seijutaigakure no Sato, Tokio is the Ninja faction's home base.
519 Sylvania Fenspace Convention The Belters have given title to 519 Sylvania to The Jason, on the understanding that he wouldn't experiment on any of their rocks.
991 McDonalda Village Hidden in Asteroids 991 McDonalda is home to the Ninjaburger Drive-In.
1130 Skuld Soviet Air Force,
Stellvia Corporation
This asteroid is Sora Hasegawa's private property.
1186 Turnera none
(was Turnerites)
The sexist white-supremacist "Sons of Turner" Turnerites used to live on 1186 Turnera, until Great Justice task force Tango Shoes arrested the faction en masse.
1247 Memoria Fenspace Convention All factions have agreed that nobody shall ever live on Memoria. The entire asteroid has been set aside as a memorial park, first to commemorate those who fell during Operation Great Justice, and later for all others who have passed on while in space.
1405 Sibelius Musician's Aid Society The Dandelions' largest and most-often-visited outpost is on 1405 Sibelius.
1488 Aura none 1488 Aura was misidentified as the home base of the Sons of Turner by Fatima Nuygen in August 2012. (The Turnerites' home base was actually 1186 Turnera.) It is otherwise unremarkable.
1625 The NORC 'Danelaw This asteroid is home to the 'Danelaw base furthest Out.
2090 Mizuho Belters This is where the Belters chose to locate Kizaki High School, the first Japanese-style high school in the Main Belt.
2138 Swissair 'Danelaw The 'Danelaw corporation that lent its name to this asteroid have claimed and colonized it, using it as a mass-transportation hub.
2244 Tesla Foglios The Foglios maintain New Hong Kong, a travelers' aid base open to all, on 2244 Tesla.
2277 Moreau Fenspace Convention 2277 Moreau is better known as Monster Asteroid, after the theme park it hosts.
2309 Mr. Spock United Federation of Planets The Starfleet Academy Main Belt Campus, the FedFen's advanced-piloting-techniques school, is found on 2309 Mr. Spock.
2462 Nehalennia Space Patrol
(was Boskonians)
(will be Senshi)
A Boskonian group claiming to be Black Senshi had a thionite way-station on Nehalennia until it was raided by a mixed group of freelance law-enforcers. The settlement is now under the direct control of the Space Patrol until their investigation is completed, at which point the Senshi will assume control of the asteroid.
2579 Spartacus none While Spartacus is uninhabited, it is often treated as a minor and unofficial Artemis Foundation base because OV-103 Discovery keeps visiting it.
2700 Baikonur Soviet Air Force The Soviet Air Force maintains the Black Mesa Research Facility on this asteroid.
Space control around 2700 Baikonur is extremely strict. Non-Soviet spacecraft can only dock under emergency circumstances, and even then only for as long as it takes to resolve the emergency.
2709 Sagan Artemis Foundation The Handwavium Propulsion Laboratory (Artemis Foundation's main research base) and shipyard Ley (Artemis' main shipbuilding facility) share space on 2709 Sagan with satellite campuses of four prestigious 'Daneside universities.
3129 Bonestell Fenspace Convention Home to an artists' commune called Chesley Acres.
3325 TARDIS Timelords The Timelords have claimed 3325 TARDIS as their home base.
3869 Norton Paratheo-Anametamystikhood Of Eris Esoteric(?) Rumor has it that the Erisians have a major base on or inside of asteroid Norton.
3990 Heimdal Space Patrol Heimdal is home to the headquarters of the Space Patrol.
Disney's world.jpg 4017 Disneya 'Danelaw This asteroid has been towed out of the Main Belt. It is now in geosynchronous orbit and called Disney's World.
4077 Asuka Fenspace Convention Home to a major medical facility established during the Boskone War.
4860 Gubbio Fenspace Convention This asteroid, named after one of the best-preserved medieval cities in Italy, is owned by historical-reenactment fen and home to their Renfaire theme park.
6565 Reiji Space Pirates Pirate Island is the home base of the Space Pirates, and was a major staging point for anti-Boskonian operations throughout Operation Great Justice.
12796 Kamenrider Pulpers and/or Supers (?) Rumored to be a research facility devoted to reliably reproducing handwaved "super equipment".
18610 Arthurdent Belters Location of an unnamed truck stop/flop house for Belters and anyone else who ventures that way. One of the services provided matches itinerant travelers and "hitchhikers" with rides elsewhere in the system.
26858 Misterrogers Fenspace Convention Home to the Mister Roger's Memorial Children's Museum of Astronautics and Space Exploration.
46610 Bésixdouze Belters Location of the Belters' largest child care facility and elementary school.
Prometheus Forge.jpgPrometheus Forge Fenspace Convention This unnumbered asteroid is the personal residence of A.C. Peters.


Asteroids aren't always found where somebody wants to put a facility, and sometimes asteroids weren't discovered until somebody stumbled across them. These ships and stations are usually, if not always, found in the Main Belt.

Gnarlycurl is also found in the Belt on average four months of the year.


  1. However, at least one Fenspace Infinity has Stellvia Corporation headquarters relocating to Interamnia.