519 Sylvania

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Places in Fenspace
519 Sylvania
Planetary characteristics
Orbitsemi-major axis 2.788 AU, eccentricity 0.187
Diameter48.25 km
Year1700.05 days
Day17.962 hours
Political AffiliationFenspace Convention
GovernmentAbsolute monarchy (private property of The Jason)
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519 Sylvania is an asteroid in the Main Belt, discovered on 20 October 1903.

Rather than risk widespread ecological catastrophe from experiments gone horribly wrong, the Belters decided to give title to a single asteroid to The Jason, on the understanding that he wouldn't experiment on any of their rocks. 519 Sylvania is the asteroid they chose.

Rumors say you can already see "bonsai sakura" on the asteroid's surface if you look hard enough.