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This page is about the Jovian moon. For the character, see Callisto (character).

Places in Fenspace
Planetary characteristics
Orbit1,882,700 km from Jupiter (mean)
Diameter4,800 km (equatorial)
Surface Gravity0.13 G
Year16.68 days
Day16.68 hours
Mean Temperature122°K (-151°C)
Water/Ice Index90%
Political AffiliationFenspace Convention
GovernmentDirect Democracy
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Callisto is home to the Whedonite Fen who don't want to even pretend they're at odds with the Heinleinians on Ganymede; casual tourists often find the welcome on Callisto to be less forced than on Ganymede.

The moon is also home to a large fraction of the Anne McCaffrey Fen who have made it Up, based on it being a major location in her Tower and Hive series.

Known Places on Callisto

  • Jossburg (capital)
  • Whedonite domed towns and farms
  • The Tower - unofficial home base of the Anne McCaffrey Fen

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