Fred MacManus

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Fred MacManus
ResidencePrincipality of Laputa, 2 Pallas
NationalityFenspace Convention
CitizenshipPrincipality of Laputa
Known forTerraforming 2 Pallas
TitlePrince Frederick the First

Created by Anpwhotep

August 8, 2008, was the date Fred MacManus left Earth, pausing at various stops on the way to his final destination. Fred already knew, even then, that Pallas was his goal, and that if he could get there first, he could transform it the way it was imagined in one of his favorite novels. Luckily for Fred, Max Awakened before lift-off. If not for Max's Awakening, Fred might have just kept on going, past the Limit, and never stopped.

Fred considers himself to be part of the Browncoats, the Mad Scientists Union, the Foglios, the Gearheads, the Howard Foundation, and the Cyber Confederation. He also believes that no group has any rights or authority that is greater than any single individual.

Known Quirks

  • I know who the real people are: Fred relates better to AIs than he does to human beings. In a crowd of humans and AIs, he's likely to ignore the humans in favor of conversing with the AIs, unless the humans are friends.
  • Headspace for Rent - Cheap: Fred's characters have been awakened by his exposure to handwavium. Now, he doesn't just share headspace with them when he's writing - he shares headspace with them all the time. This has caused some problems in the past, like the time he showed up to negotiate a deal for a delivery of nitrogen to Pallas, and Alex (female fighter jock character) decided it would be more interesting to try and get a deal for an order of depleted uranium and a metal-working lathe.
  • Cyberspace is my Home: Fred is heavily afflicted by what some people call "Decker's Euphoria" (but Edgar calls it "a damned pain in the ass") - when he's jacked in to any system, whether it's Max, David, or even a mundane computer network, he loses all track of his physical self and requires an external monitor to keep him from dying of dehydration, starvation, or other environmental hazards.