A.C. Peters

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A.C. Peters
A.C. Peters caught after the Cybertech announcement panel at BubbleCon on Genaros.
ResidencePrometheus Forge, Main Belt
NationalityFenspace Convention
Other namesAttim M'Zac or The Rock Doc (by the Cybers)
Mistress Darkeyes
The Scarlet Angel (by the Supers)
Sailor/Lady Mars, Mars-sama (unofficially by the Senshi, because A.C. really discourages it)
That Poor Sod (at least once by everyone who knows about The Accident)
CitizenshipSupers (also honourary Senshi and Stellvian)
OccupationCyberneticist/Handwavium Researcher
RankGreat Justice Troubleshooter (OF-8)
Captain (S.H.I.E.L.D.)
"Lady of the Realm" (honourary, only used by Senshi because they can't get her to agree to anything)
Heightvariable (normally 178 cm/5'10")
Weight160 kg/352 lb in 1g (2.5 metric t physical mass)
Known forExcellence in AI and robotics work
ChildrenKasumi (daughter, AI)
Adonis "Andy" McMurdo (son, AI)
Greenpeace Crolis (daughter, AI)
Lebia Maverick (daughter, AI)
Shizuka Hayama (daughter, AI)
Call-signRed Knight

Primary Writer: Cobalt Greywalker

Game Statistics: Pre-accident, Pre-'Operation Great Justice'

A.C. was born male and was the son of career military officer. As far as anyone can tell, A.C. was one of the first three people to find Handwavium, but was much more cautious with it. Playing with the solid and referencing what little came up on the Internet, he had some reasonable success with simple applications (solar power by painting boards with the stuff, and a rock eating variant that left all useful minerals and tended to work in rectangular blocks), but it wasn't until he accidentally dribbled some goop on a hand from a shop mannequin and ended up with The Thing from the Addams Family for three days until it stopped that he thought about making artificial limbs for people. Reverse engineering the now stationary hand and using the principles therein, he put together an artificial arm for a friend who had lost one in a car accident and a semi-legal contract for him to sign. It worked, even if it biomodded his friend and the arm transformed into something you'd have seen on a BGC2032 style 55-C boomer and constantly played whatever rock tune was on any radio station in the world directly into his friend's ear.

Whilst refining the design to use the least amount of 'wavium necessary and be more realistic (and reduce the quirks) he met Fred Ferdinand and got some funding and some enthusiastic test subjects (A.C. was much more cautious about the procedure).

However the Professor's jaunt around Europe sent the countries of the European Union into a frenzy of legislation and A.C. ended up putting much of his stuff in storage and his house under the control of a newly started Helios Holdings, then lifting for space himself. Once up he found himself an asteroid and set up shop.

It was while working here that he suffered what has come to be known in Fenspace as 'The IVA Accident'.[1] Whilst doing some work in 2009 on a pulley mechanism for dipping large items in 'wavium, his IVA belt went spectacularly out of control and failed, leaving a cut and bruised A.C. to fall into a large tank of near-pure Handwavium he had been using for cybernetic construction and get knocked out (Handwavium goop is not soft, especially when fallen on).

According to the camera monitoring system A.C. had set up, he sank into the goop and over the course of a day the goop decreased until A.C had totally absorbed it. It was obvious even then that A.C. had suffered the second most dramatic 'wavium biomod (after Wave Convoy) ever seen. (It also proved that the Slapstick Effect applied to liquid 'wavium, something which is kept quiet as biomoding would become a problem.) Waking up in a totally clean tank, A.C. noticed 'his' changes and proceeded to freak out.

Once 'he' had calmed down, 'he' proceeded to awaken a wave AI (called Libbie) in 'his' base's computer system, rapidly enhanced it, then got to work on an assistant which eventually culminated in Kasumi. A.C. ended up quickly following Kasumi with Andy, and later on Greenpeace.

As much as A.C. likes Greenpeace, she will always hold a grudge against her for talking A.C. into cosplaying as Sailor Mars at Kandor-Con, where she ended up running from an army of fan-Senshi for several hours before she lost them and managed to change clothes. Ever since, whenever she leaves her asteroid she does so in disguise. This means she encounters more Boskonians than she otherwise would, as they try to avoid her after her outright slaughter of several crews who attacked ships or bases she was on.

A.C. has a massive success rate in 'wave effects when using only her own bodies 'wavium. This only works for her however, as she gave some samples to trusted people to test. Nothing happened when they tried using the samples. However when a guy stole a sample and eventually used it to biomod himself, the investigators who found his body after his suicide described the result as "like a Joker Squared, even Cubed" and shudder before going and getting very drunk.


Usually looks like Attim M'Zak from Seraphic Feather.

Notable Mundane Attributes

  • I can make you talk: A.C. was a Telecommunications engineer before the 'Wave hit, and can work wonders with them now. It also makes her great at SIGINT.
  • "Sometimes I'm a gruff dock worker...": Has mastered the mundane methods of disguise and infiltration.
  • IF x THEN y ELSE z: Was a software engineer by training, and since lifting helps out the fennish Open Source community. Has a knack for finding the tricky-to-find bugs, usually right when she didn't want to.
  • That was someone else: Spends a lot of time downplaying her reputation. It is the only reason she's not a BNF.

'Wavium Abilities

  • Don't call me a Sexaroid!: Total conversion cyborg, with MASSIVE Handwavium assist (see Ride the Wave? I AM the Wave). Is fully anatomically correct, and all her biological systems apparently work as normal. A.C. is rather scared to find out if she's fertile.
  • Don't call me the T-X either!: Possesses the typical full 'borg bonuses; highly boosted speed and strength, enhanced senses, and frankly scary increased reaction times. Can also multi-task, has a wave-boosted computer in her head, and perfect memory.
  • Ride the Wave? I AM the Wave: Her body is almost completely artificial, consisting of about 97% Handwavium in various states (see History and Quirks).
  • I will not say 'Honey Flash!': Due to the large amounts of Handwavium in her body, she can change virtually all parts of her appearance (see Quirks), and several areas of soft tissue.
  • "Flesh of the Sculptor, freely given...": If using only her body's 'wavium, A.C. gets a massive increase in her success rate. However this only works for her. For anyone else, at best nothing happens. At worst it utterly corrupts the project (see History). It also takes a while to regenerate the 'wavium used, so she saves this for emergencies.


  • I read a lot, OK?: Avid reader.
  • Does this make me look fat?: A.C.'s body masses 2 and a half metric tonnes, but due to the IVA belt A.C. had been wearing at the time of The Accident has an apparent weight of 'only' 160kg (twice A.C.'s original weight).
  • Her lips are venomous Poison...: Due to the vast amounts of Handwavium that make up her body, a kiss might be enough to trigger a biomod in a person (depending on how much Handwavium they've been exposed to). Let's not mention her bodily fluids...
  • I'm not bad, I'm just drawn that way: Cannot change her body shape to be anything other than an extremely sexy and well endowed female.
  • "She's a girl who's always in fashion...": Can't wear anything less showy than a low-cut and low buttoned dress shirt, figure hugging dress slacks, and smart low-healed boots. In public, she's compelled to wear more attractive and more revealing clothing depending on how public the situation is. Underwear is even worse.
  • ...Voice like a Horny Angel: Due to her disrupted bio-systems, randomly goes into 'Heat' every 24 hours, which needs to be dealt with or nymphomania sets in. Given her other attributes this could be quite nasty.
  • I will not wear THAT!: Does not do cosplay since the problems at Kandor-Con.
  • Don't call me that!: A.C. was convinced to cosplay as Sailor Mars at Kandor-Con. That lasted five hours until she could finally ditch the rampaging hoard of fan-Senshi following her and change. The Senshi seem to have unofficially decided to call her Sailor Mars, but it's unofficial because A.C. really dislikes it.
  • Humm... cheesecake...: Is pretty much addicted to the stuff, and gets very cranky if she doesn't get some. Only hand baked will do though.
  • Me, Myself, and Irene: Has 'wavium induced Multiple Personality Disorder. They are:
    • A.C. - Who is in control most of the time
    • Attim M'Zac - Attim usually deals with the 'business' (investigation, infiltration, and combat) side and can take over without A.C. noticing to act. A.C. finds this quite scary, unless she's in danger whereupon everyone else finds her quite scary.
    • Mistress Darkeyes - Usually starts to come out when A.C. goes into 'heat'. Will also come out if A.C. gets really mad, or if someone needs interrogating. She's a sadistic, uninhibited, hedonistic, nymphomaniac dominatrix of a seductress. She's also scarily good with a whip.
    • It also looks like a fourth personality is developing, which A.C doesn't like but the others find amusing given that the emergent personality wants a high draw strength collapsible bow and tracer arrows...
  • What did you say?: Has a habit of swearing by other factions beliefs.
  • Who are you?: The Accident has left her memory before it quite fuzzy. She remembers 'his' youth and initial Handwavium research much as a normal person would though, but between then and The Accident... Skills learned during this time seem unaffected, but as A.C. can't remember them they only get used in an emergency.
  • Oh, that's who you are. Ow! My brain hurts...: Once given a clear reminder, her brain clears up the memories to the perfect recall she now has. It gives her a severe headache though.
  • We're All Connected: Because of fame, notoriety, hero-worship, or some other factor, the first thing a large minority of Fenspace will ask on hearing of a new group, faction, or invention is "How's A.C. Peters connected to it?" In the absence of an accurate answer, rumours will spread throughout Fenspace and will be difficult if not impossible to squelch later. (This is part of why so many people call A.C. "Sailor Mars" or "Saber White".)


Cybers and Supers, although she tries hard to be a Generalist. The Senshi consider her one of them as well.

Known Associates

A.C. has a great many contacts, but the most common ones are: Kasumi, Adonis "Andy" McMurdo, Greenpeace Crolis, Noah Scott, Sora Hasegawa, Yayoi Fujisawa, Kohran Li, Yoriko Nikaido, Winry Rockbell, Frederic "Full Byte" Ferdinand

Preferred Transport

A.C.'s preferred transport since she obtained it is the White Stallion.


  1. A.C. just calls it The Accident, which causes eavesdroppers to get confused with 'The Accident' which Duane Peters had with 'fermented' 'wavium. You need to know who you are talking about.