Lebia Maverick

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R. Lebia Maverick
BornPrometheus Forge, Main Belt
ResidencePrometheus Forge, Main Belt
NationalityFenspace Convention
EmployerA.C. Peters
Height173 cm
ParentsA.C. Peters (mother)
RelativesKasumi (sister)
Adonis "Andy" McMurdo (brother)
Greenpeace Crolis (sister)
Shizuka Hayama (sister)

Created By Cobalt Greywalker

Due to the strains of handling all the work she was doing, A.C. Peters ended up with a new assistant to help with the FenReality neuro-King Of Fighters system. This allowed her to get on with the hardware side of the project.

Lebia is a very good programmer, and managed to convert the last KoF game to the virtual environment as well as the rest of the modeling and control systems. As a thank you, A.C. built her a custom body that allows her continuous access to the 'Wavenet as well as having various access modes and ports she can use.

Lebia is the primary creator of the Tachikomas, based on drones she helped create to help out around the Forge. She's also a bit of a motorcycle fan, which led to the creation of the Thunderhawks. Of course, she's smart enough to pass off some of the credit to A.C. without her knowing about it.

Physical Description

  • Sex: Female
  • Height: 5'8"/173cm
  • Hair: Blonde
  • Eyes: Blue

Notable Mundane Attributes

  • Here's the new Linux Kernel: Ace Computer and A.I. Programmer; member of the Hacker Underspace.
  • Put the files on my desk: Experienced manager.
  • We're go for main engine start: Very good pilot.

'Wavium Abilities:

  • I'm not called Murphy: 'Wave AI android.
  • Engaging Net-Dive: Visionaire, capable of projecting her consciousness into any network and is constantly on the 'Wavenet.
  • Cracking the Ghost Line: Super Wizard-class Elite Hacker, capable of entering any system, including those protected by multiple other A.I.s. She's not yet gone up against Trigon, but it's only a matter of time. A.C. would bet on Lebia, and occasionally (when feeling impish or when Darkeyes is in control) offers Lebia whip lessons ... so she can keep him in control.


  • What did you do to my poor bike!: Has a deep affinity for machines, and gets very emotionally distraught when one she was close to is damaged or destroyed. Not so much as to shoot someone, but she's come close...
  • I'm a police officer: Generally acts as though she's a police detective, but has been known to disregard the law if necessary.
  • Who needs dice?: She's become an unofficial bookie due to her maths abilities, and an unofficial stock broker.

Writer's Note: What no-one not on Prometheus Forge at their creation knows is that Lebia, Eddie, and Leonard are based out of the most powerful computer systems A.C. knows about. A.C. has strongly advised the Hyper-Core A.I.s (as A.C. calls them) to keep their true capabilities a secret.