Greenpeace Crolis

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R. Greenpeace Crolis
ResidencePrometheus Forge, Main Belt
NationalityFenspace Convention
EmployerA.C. Peters
Height168 cm
ParentsA.C. Peters (mother)
RelativesKasumi (sister)
Adonis "Andy" McMurdo (brother)
Lebia Maverick (sister)
Shizuka Hayama (sister)

Primary writer: Cobalt Greywalker

Gaming Stats

After finally getting used to her new body, and things had settled down, A.C. Peters started looking into how the systems she'd put into Kasumi and Andy worked with a view to making them a bit more self-repairing and self-sufficient.

Eventually she got round to trying some ideas out, and with less haste than before constructed a more biologically-based android. She also wanted a more peaceful person around.

Greenpeace runs the horticultural side of operations on the asteroid, which endears her to Kasumi. She is more than willing to use this and her façade of innocence to get A.C. to do things, but after Kandor-Con finds this much harder.

Surprisingly, Greenpeace's wings allow her to fly (in the same sort of way 'waved cars fly, via a contra-gravity effect), and her inherent ability to photosynthesize allows her to survive in hard vacuum without a suit. A.C. has Greenpeace keep this last a secret, as it would make Greenpeace a target for those who want to duplicate it.

People tend not to notice, but Greenpeace doesn't talk. A.C. assures people that the equipment is all there. This doesn't stop her having long conversations with groups of people. A.C. with help from others including the Professor (after forcefully explaining that he couldn't 'borrow' her in the name of Science!, no matter how much he tried) have developed the theory that Greenpeace has somehow reversed her body's Handmavium Impression abililty (the bit that makes it respond to a person's desires) in a directed fashion. This doesn't seem to be telepathy (much to some disappointment) but 'a local synchronization of individual bio-electric processes' to quote the Professor. Most think it has something to do with Handwavium's ability to communicate internally, given that people with increasing levels of 'wavium in them notice less and less in proportion that Greenpeace isn't talking and are disbelieving when this is pointed out.


A perfectly proportioned 5'6"/168cm elfin fairy with green skin, green hair, green eyes (with pale green 'whites'), and four insect-like wings. Greenpeace is usually dressed in filmy and lacy lingerie and stockings.

Notable Mundane Attributes

  • Green thumb, and hands, and arms...: The consummate gardener.
  • You, I like: Can read a person's personality in a few moments. This makes her an excellent judge of character, so much so that her approval of a person can stop arrests and cause a re-evaluation of evidence (but only if Greenpeace is seen to approve in public though. Those who lie about approval tend to get worse punishments).

'Wavium Abilities

  • Yes, I'm Green. So? 'Wave AI bioroid.
  • Hello, Tinkerbell: Has flight capabilities.
  • I like the solitude: Can easily survive in hard vacuum, although this is kept secret.
  • The air's so crisp...: Is a natural, and massively effective, atmospheric control system. This is due in part to the fact she photosynthesizes highly effectively.
  • Poison Ivy: Can produce a variety of chemicals, including knockout gases, aphrodisiacs, narcotics, and touch-delivered nerve toxins. Also produces a handwavium variant that both produces power and photosynthesizes oxygen in sufficient quantities to coat 100 square meters a week.


  • "..." Does not talk. At all. Yet seems to be perfectly able to discuss detailed scientific theories and otherwise make herself clear, even to Mundanes. The more 'wavium in your body, the less you notice she isn't speaking.
  • Death from abo-ooph! Greenpeace is nigh infamous for her flying tackle-hugs on those she likes.
  • Persona very grata: Due to her abilities as an atmospheric control system, nearly every Fenspace and non ground-based 'Dane jurisdiction considers her a visiting diplomat. Thus an attack on her person is usually met with the full force of all resources available, and nearly every faction will help out if they can.

Known Associates

A.C. Peters, Kasumi, Adonis "Andy" McMurdo