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When you're building complex systems, there are two ways to proceed:
take the safe and sane and cautious road, or go flat out for speed!
If we leave it to the bureaucrats we'll never get to space,
but turn those crazy hackers loose and see who wins the race!

—Steve Savitsky, Hackers' Heaven

The Hacker Undergroundspace are a very-loosely-knit group of Fen computer professionals and dedicated hobbyists who have pledged to use their "l33t sk1lls" only for good.[1] Not all members of the Underspace are AIs, although the majority are.

Their major effect is the tightening of computer security throughout Fenspace; a common Underspace pastime is to attempt to penetrate a computer system, then report on the result to the system's owners.

During the Boskone War, the Hacker Underspace Network worked with the Banzai Institute[2] to serve as Great Justice's data gathering and analysis group, at a level of effectiveness on par with government intelligence agencies.[3]

Known Members

The éminence grise of the group; while nobody has an official position in the Hacker Underspace, most of the other members listen to his counsel. They don't always follow it, but they do listen.
Perry Doper
Lain Drakken
R. Gina Langley
One of the original Hacker Underspace members.
R. Lebia Maverick
The Underspace's most skilled hacker.
Yuki Nagato
R. Nene Romanova
R. Takami Sakuragi
The youngest and newest of the Hacker Underspace as of 2014.
The Underspace's most powerful hacker.


  1. Well, most of them have pledged that. Trigon is a known member of the Underspace, after all.
  2. The Banzai Institute maintains one of the most detailed information networks in Fenspace, with the Global Frequency touching on all divisions of society, both on Earth and in space.
  3. If the Boskonians are making a profit, they have to sell somewhere, and that makes waves. Someone will hear it, and someone will tell someone else, and sooner or later, the Blue Blazers find out. From there, it's a matter of data analysis and statistical projection, activities at which the Underspace excels.