Percival "Perry" Doper

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Perry Doper
BornPercival Doper
ResidenceThe Inelegant Truth
NationalityFenspace Convention
OccupationCommunications Officer/System Administrator/AI Psychologist, The Inelegant Truth

Primary Writer: Herr Bad Moon

Mundane Attributes

  • I-Techie Has degrees in computer science and electrical engineering. Took a year to recover afterwards. Runs the more technological intensive bits of the Truth.
  • These are my people! Though having a personality not particularly suited to bombing around space in a suped up crab fisher, Perry does relate well with Fen, and identifies himself as a Senshi, albeit quietly.
  • Is there an AIDoctor in the house? Is becoming highly proficient with managing and troubleshooting autonomous artificial intelligences.

'Wavium Abilities

None at this time. Perry's considering 'waving himself to better interface with computers, but hasn't had the guts to go through with it yet.


  • OH NOOES! Tends to react to bad news with dramatics; wailing, gnashing of teeth etc... with the rare bout of Nerd Rage.
  • Captain Propriety: Is the most concerned with etiquette and protocol among the crew.
  • They kick high... really high: Perry has a poorly-hidden fascination with magical girl shows and the members of Crystal Millennium, and would have eventually joined the faction if he hadn't taken a job as sysadmin for a apparent cargo hauler. His mood improves when in contact with fellow enthusiasts, but this doesn't happen often given the rest of the crew's scorn for the genre.

Preferred Transport

The Inelegant Truth