Yuki Nagato

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Yuki Nagato
Yuki Nagato.jpg
NationalityFenspace Convention
Height154 cm

NPC Character defined for Fenspace by Bob Schroeck
based on the character created by Nagaru Tanigawa

Member of the SOS-Dan, mover and shaker.


"Nagato? I have seen AIs thinking that Nagato is one of us when they meet her the first time in an IRC chat. It's hard to believe how fast she can type until you see it... and we've had quite a few interesting talks about the design of the Jenga Grid. I like her."

Cortana, 2019

Like the other members of the SOS-Dan, Yuki Nagato's history before the dawn of Fenspace is nonexistent. The general consensus among watchers of the SOS-Dan is that she was one of the great hackers, perhaps even of the original Unix generation of wizard programmers, until undergoing a biomod that transformed her into the image of a character from an obscure series of Japanese light novels. It is perhaps unsurprising, then, that Yuki Nagato is a known member of the Hacker Underspace.

It is generally accepted that Nagato is the SOS-Dan's intelligence officer, given her facility with computers and her acknowledged system-wide network of Interwave contacts and acquaintances. She has demonstrated an ability to draw all manner of correct conclusions from the flimsiest of datasets. During Operation Great Justice nearly one-quarter of all leads on Boskonian activities came directly from Nagato's analysis of OGJ's inbound data streams.

Although in her early twenties, Yuki habitually wears an aqua seifuku-styled high school uniform with a sweater. While formal occasions have sometimes forced her into stylish dresses or gowns, it's clear that she finds them inconvenient and irritating. She has been known to wear glasses, but has been seen without them as often as with; it's believed that they an affectation since there is no clear pattern to their use to indicate the need for a particular prescription.

She bears a strong resemblance to the standard "Rei Ayanami" phenotype but is clearly not an Ayanami; she is slightly shorter with a less-willowy build, her hair color is closer to purple than blue, and her eyes are golden. Her personality appears to be standard Ayanami, though, being quiet, stoic and withdrawn most of the time, except when on line. However, when circumstances demand, she can become a virtual juggernaut, demonstrating a strength and determination both out of scale for her petite frame.

Handwavium Abilities

  • None known (but see the SOS-dan page)


  • Compulsive Reader: The only time she can be found without a book in her hand is when she's at a keyboard. And sometimes even then. Naturally, this makes her as popular as any of the Yomiko Readmans amongst bookshop owners.
  • Code Wizard: Gifted intuitive programmer. Has never encountered a computer in Fenspace running a system or programming language she didn't understand or couldn't use, at least not in sight of witnesses.
  • Mavis Beacon Goes "Whoa!": Blazing typing speed, to the point of blurring fingers, which she can apparently maintain for hours on end. Consequently, she ignores computer mice because they only slow her down; she prefers to use keyboard shortcuts for everything.


Tron, The Matrix, Doctor Who, Babylon 5, the work of Dan Simmons, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Tenchi Muyo!, Harry Potter.

Known Associates

The SOS-dan (Haruhi Suzumiya, Kyon, Mikuru Asahina, and Itsuki Koizumi); the Hacker Underspace


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