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Home BaseEarth
Population (2015 rough)unknown, believed less than 1,000
Political InfluenceNearly nonexistent
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The oceans of the Earth have fascinated mankind since we grasped the idea of Ocean, so it's no surprise that there would be Fen living below the blue horizon. Drawing inspiration from all the submarine fiction of the last two centuries, the Submariners[1] dodge the 'Danelaw by living under international waters. Some use stories such as SeaQuest, Space Battlecruiser Yamato, and Nadia, and elements of other stories such as the SkyDiver from UFO, to justify their presence in space and in the oceans of Europa, Enceladus, and Titan[2].

The Submariners' leader, as much as they have one, is given the title Nemo (after the character in 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea). He or she usually has the respect of the faction members, but cannot count on their obedience.

Other Fen are convinced that the Submariners are working on an undersea base somewhere. They haven't announced any underwater cities... yet.

While the faction would love to claim it as their own, the USS Stingray is not a Submariner vessel. Rumors that there is a Submariner among its crew remain just that -- rumors.

Submariners and Biomods

Hélène Aronnax, biomodded Submariner and fashion model

Mermaid stories are as old as seafaring, and the Submariners hope to use that collected body of work to influence handwavium into creating merfolk biomods (either classical mermaids/mermen or comic-book style water-breathers such as Aquaman and Namor). As a rule, they don't discuss their Creatures from the Black Lagoon... but there are always a few people who flaunt what they've become.

Thanks to some confusion amongst Submariners who'd seen the movie Deep Blue Sea but forgot the final word of the title, one research team managed to biomod some sharks into highly-intelligent chess players. For some inadequately-explored reason[3], the sharks have Brooklyn Jewish accents.


  1. Call them sub-mariners or submarine-ers; most will answer to either pronunciation.
  2. As if any Fen needed to justify being anywhere in Fenspace, after the Kandor Treaty was signed.
  3. "It's handwavium; these things happen."