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Most Fen would agree without thinking that all people deserve equal rights under the law, no matter what their skin color, gender, or sexual orientation might be. A very few might think if you ask whether an AI should have the same rights as a flesh-and-blood person, but even there, most people will say yes.

The Turnerites disagree.

If you aren't a white, male, all-natural human, they think you're a second-class person. If you're an AI, they think you're a gadget. If you're an animal-type biomod, they think you're a pet... if they don't think you're a demon. They haven't signed the Articles of Convention because the clauses in the Articles against raping people apply within a marriage.

Their unwillingness to give up their ways and their tendency to settle in their own societies (such as the Sons of Turner, based on 1186 Turnera) makes them Boskonians by definition, but the common Fen "live and let live" philosophy means they aren't usually hassled simply for being Turnerites. If they do go bad,[1] though, the Space Patrol and Great Justice both use overwhelming force to bring them to heel. (Great Justice especially likes to use the all-female task force Tango Shoes against Turnerites who go bad, to demonstrate gender equality in action.)


  1. Sometimes called "Going Draka" by the sloppier sort of Fen.