United Stars Organization

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United Stars Organization
NicknamesUSO, Rhodanites
Home BaseStardust, L5
Population (2015 rough)950, with various hanger-ons
Political InfluenceMinor
AlliesUnited Federation of Planets, Crystal Millennium, Pulpers, Galactic Republic
Major AchievementsSince 2015 they brew some of the best beer in Fenspace
StereotypeGERMANS! IN! SPACE! Complete with bureaucracy!
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Per Aspera Ad Astra!

—Rhodanite Motto

Officially founded at GarchingCon 8 by several smaller groups of Fen who had already moved into Space, but wanted to make sure that they were known to the Perry Rhodan fandom on Earth, the USO aimed to get themselves known.

Immediately after GarchingCon 8 they began to work on their home station Stardust at L5. In early 2011, the former Canadian Royal Army Major Ronald Teckener, a Rhodanite who came upstairs in late 2010, was approached to lead the United Stars Organization, as he had the experience in leadership. Being a Rhodanite of the first hour, due to being stationed in Germany during the early 60s, he accepted, through grudgingly. However he does good work with leading the USO in an efficient manner.

When asked they will grumpily admit that they may technically be Pulpers since Perry Rhodan was first published in 1961. But then they will note that it has been continuously published every week since 1961, making it the longest running printed Science Fiction series in the world and that the series has grown into a large and very well populated universe few others can rival.