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Spacecraft Registry
USS Stingray
Spacecraft Characteristics
Base HullSeawolf-class nuclear attack submarine
Drive TypeReactionless thrusters
OwnerUnited States Navy
Flag of RecordUnited States of America
Faction'Danelaw (US Navy)
Registry NumberSSN 2161-X
Launched31 March 2012
Purpose“Showing the Flag”
Primary CrewCommander Tom Dodge (Captain)
Lieutenant Emily Lake (XO)
Lieutenant j.g. Wilhemina “Willie” Grumby (Dive Officer, Manoeuvring Officer)
Other CrewEnsign McHale (quartermaster)
Ens. Virginia "Ginny" Kittredge (nurse)
Ens. Leigh Appleby (nurse)
Ens. Lizzy Standish (nurse)
CPO Aldous Howard (engineer)
Electronic Technician 2/c Nitro Jones
Sonar Technician 2/c E. T. Lovachelli
Reactor Technician 1/c Brad Stepanik-Winslow
“Spots” Sylvesterson (dive plane operator)
many others
Auxillary VehiclesNR-1(X) minisub (shuttle)
Operational StatusActive
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(Open ship, created by Duane Peters)

Known Vehicle Quirks

  • Can’t hear you over the music! The drive requires loud Sousa marches being played in the engine room to function. Very loud Sousa marches.
  • Operation: Petticoat: The hull turns bright pink when the drive is engaged.

Known Crew Quirks

  • No ’Danes Here: The crew is made up exclusively of Fen and Fendanes; they likely cleaned out the entire USN’s stock on non-’Danes to find enough to crew the Stingray.
  • Three-Hour Tour: "Willie" Grumby is the daughter of two reasonably-famous ex-castaways, and treats all of the people marooned with her biological parents as her parents.


  • The Stingray has the highest percentage of female crew in the US Navy submarine service.
  • The ship has a ’waved mini-sub (similar to a NR-1 nuclear rescue vehicle) as an auxiliary craft.


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