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This page is written or contains material written in the metafictional (or OOC) voice. This material may contain spoilers, Easter Eggs, or other data not generally known in the world of Fenspace. The reader is duly warned. -The Mgt.
China National Space Administration (CNSA)
Established22 April 1993
HeadquartersBeijing, China
Primary spaceportJiuquan Satellite Launch Center
AdministratorChen Qiufa

Pre Wave History from Wikipedia

Although China's space program has existed since 1956, CNSA is a relatively new agency created in 1993 when the Ministry of Aerospace Industry was split into CNSA and the China Aerospace Corporation (CASC). The former was to be responsible for policy, while the latter was to be responsible for execution. This arrangement proved somewhat unsatisfactory, as these two agencies were, in effect, one large agency, sharing both personnel and management.[2]

As part of a massive restructuring, in 1998, CASC was split into a number of smaller state-owned companies. The intention appeared to have been to create a system similar to that characteristic of Western defense procurement in which entities which are government agencies, setting operational policy, would then contract out their operational requirements to entities which were government-owned, but not government-managed.

CNSA in Fenspace

The CNSA has no asset in Fenspace, everyone knows that. They are too paranoid to embrace the wonders of Handwavium, too angry to cooperate with anyone else. They damn themselves to being stuck at the bottom of the gravity well.

At least that is what everyone believes.

Being very angry and paranoid about the Fen and their involvement with China, the CNSA was prohibited to openly move into orbit. Still, huge amounts of money were made available to develop a solution for the ‘Fen problem’.

In early 2013, CNSA tested their first successful stealthed space ship in a large underground hangar, a specially waved Chinese van. Only six months later, while most larger Fen ships were turning the Asteroid Belt upside down, the CNSA sent up the ship to find a place to hide and setup a base of operation.

Only to find out that the damned Fen have spread over the whole inner system.

Unwilling to take chances, the CNSA began to build up a small base in an lone asteroid far outside of the ecliptics. From here they began to plan China’s domination of the Solar system.

The Ships

Unfortunately for the CNSA, reproducing their stealth technology to ship enough cargo to the asteroid proved more difficult than planned. While even the first ship had a lot of quirks they had to work around, building more ships became a frustrating process. Between 2014 and 2017, the CNSA built five other stealth ships, two of them large trucks to ship cargo to their new base.

One of the trucks had to be destroyed shortly after construction when it developed an AI that wasn’t willing to join the communist party of China.

A smaller second craft was lost when the pilot left it without disengaging the stealth system. CNSA is still looking for the craft, which should still be within their testing facilities.

The Base

The base is a small set of hidden caves within an asteroid 15 astronomical units away from the sun. The original plan called to upgrade the caves to a full military shipyard to produce the new Chinese armada.

The low number of transports combined with the unwillingness to use different types of transportation delayed the plans of the CNSA year after year. At the current rate, the CNSA hopes to make the base self sufficient within 2020.


  • The CNSA managed to evade the attention of Fenspace since their start 2013 and hopes to continue this way beyond 2020.
  • There are influential people within the communist party unwilling to allow the asteroid base to become completely self sufficient.
  • The two small stealthed cars have been using the asteroid base as a homeport for espionage and reconnaissance missions since 2016.