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BornApril 11, 2012(2012-04-11)
Montreal, Quebec, Canada
ResidenceBlack Spot
NationalityFenspace Convention
EthnicityCanadian (AI)
CitizenshipFenspace Convention
OccupationManagement, Game Design, Game Testing
Employer7-sided Dice Productions
Salary1 Share of the profits of every game he worked on.
Net worthUnknown
ParentsSeraviel (creator)
RelativesSeviel (Partner/Sibling)
The Servants (Siblings)
The Sins (Siblings)
The Colors (Siblings)
The Days (Siblings)

Primary Writer: Seraviel

Notable Mundane Attributes

  • Build orders complete. - Talented gamer/game programmer. Actually more talented than his creator.[1] Favors Real-Time Strategy games.
  • It's a hack. - Incredibly efficient at Game Testing/Bug Finding.

'Wavium Abilities

  • I'm in the Matrix. - Sevens-type AI.


  • L33T SK1LLZ - As all Sevens-type AIs, can only speak by texting. His personal quirk is the constant usage of leet-speak.
  • Cut & Paste - Member of the Hacker Underspace.
  • He has no humor... - If in the same hard network as Seviel and not doing anything important, will waste half his processing power in arguments.



Preferred Transport

Does not leave the Black Spot

Known Associates

Every member of 7-sided Dice Productions.


  • Does not use a consistent avatar, however is generally one of the various Evangelions. As to annoy Seviel, he'll often be using the Eva that killed Seviel's current avatar.


  • (tba)


  1. This actually sometimes saddens Seraviel greatly.