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BornApril 20, 1982(1982-04-20)
ResidenceBlack Spot
NationalityFenspace Convention
EducationComputer Science
OccupationCEO / President
Employer7-sided Dice Production
Home townMontreal, Quebec, Canada
Religious beliefsPantheist
RelativesPatrick (Brother)

Primary Writer: Seraviel


Thirty years old and 5'10". 175 lbs. One eye blue, one green. Gray white hair. Usually in shirts or t-shirts, with jeans. Wears a black glove on his left hand. A loner in space, he mainly deals with either his customers in a location of his chosing, or not at all. A programmer by trade and an author by hobby.

Notable Mundane Attributes

  • Do you know that guy ? - Internet / wave famous. Not so much live.
  • Hey Kakashi ! - Has silver white hair, and not due to a biomod (The biomod might have helped it go white faster, however).
  • That's the way thing go... - Has done quite a bit of experiment with 'wavium, and can get some specific results without much effort (especially AIs).
  • Why should I have something against them ? - Keeps many contacts 'Daneside, mainly due to his work.
  • Sure, I have a million to spare. - Due to the success of his companies, is somewhat wealthy.

'Wavium Abilities

  • A breath of fresh air - Can breathe in any atmosphere containing gas without any issue, however dangerous the gaz would be. Cannot however survive without gas or under water.


  • Add more bacon. - Has no sense of smell (outside the smell of bacon) due to his biomod.
  • Look into my eyes... - Due to his biomod, his eyes cannot work if they are covered in any way. Luckily the biomod makes his eyesight 20/20.
  • It takes two people to fight. Loner.


None. As a businessman, gets on well with most of them.

Preferred Transport

Outside Spot itself, uses the drones as transport (as of early 2014).


General (non-hentai) anime, Firefly, Mechwarrior, Supreme Commander, Most Videogames.


Seraviel has a notable or major role in the following stories:

  • (tba)