Black Spot

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Spacecraft Registry
SS Black Spot
Spacecraft Characteristics
Base HullMulti-layered rotating metal
Drive Type16 x Gravity Modulation Emittors
Drive RatingVaries (0.01 as of January 2013)
ArmamentSame as drivetype
Flag of RecordCanada
Registry NumberBS-001
Launched20 April 2012
PurposePersonal Transport / Living Space / Workplace
Primary CrewSeraviel
Operational StatusActive
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The Black Spot, or as it is commonly known Spot, is one of the toughest ships to classify in Fenspace.

Known Vehicle Abilities

  • Bigger is better ! - Spot grows. He does so at a constant rate of 2.2 meters a day (which means 803 meters a year). It does make building inside somewhat difficult, however.
  • You can't see me... - Spot's outside shell absorbs and and emits lights, which hides him from direct sight. He is however limited in light generation, so can be detected when before powerful light sources.
  • And can't find me ! - Spot also has a radar jammer, which makes him somewhat invisible to sensors. It was made mainly against hardtech radar, so is not as effective against 'wavetech. The jammer also has a quirk : It doesn't work on the first day of any month.
  • Like an onion. - Ten percent of Spot's diameter (five on each side) are comprised of multiple rotating inch-thick steel plates, along with a few made out of Spot's specific type of gel-like handwavium. They are basically Spot's stomach, and where the mass he consumes ends up. They are not particularly solid by Fen standards.
  • Level two, restrooms... - He can open a hole of any size in his shell.

Known Vehicle Quirks

  • -Whine- - Spot, as his name indicates, has the personality of a dog, a puppy to be precise. He understands his owner very well, but is as curious and whiny as a newborn. He also takes badly to stress.
  • Food Again ?! - To maintain his growing size, Spot needs to eat regularly increasing amounts of food. He's not picky, as long as his food is not living or 'waved (or both). Should he not eat, he doesn't stop growing, his structure deteriorates instead. He also whines constantly if hungry.
  • Don't follow the tracks. - Most of the floors inside are 'waved wood, and have quirks of their own. Following tracks on the ground is the best way of getting completely lost, and should one find a flower growing on the ground, don't pick it up, or the floor will turn against you[2].
  • I swore I parked in space 1. - Spot has inside parking place handy for visitors, but the numbers keep rearranging themselves.


  • Spot, surprisingly, wasn't originally a car, plane or other vehicle. He was a blender.
  • He doesn't have a set parking spot, as most Fencrafts his size have. His personality is against staying in place for so long.
  • He is, most importantly, the headquarters of 7-sided Dice Productions.


The Black Spot is featured in the following stories:

  • (tbc)


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  2. Seraviel learned of this when he removed one, and fell the next instant to the level below. He also took a plank to the face and couldn't use the bathroom door for a day.