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Spacecraft Registry
SS Gee Gee AKA SS Shitagane
SB Winnie.jpg
There's nothing parked here!
Spacecraft Characteristics
Base HullCustom: 2m diameter cylinder, 6m long, 'cigar shape'
Drive TypeAnti-gravity (Speed Drive)
Drive RatingMax velocity 0.1c
LaunchedLate Autumn, 2007
PurposeWork Horse, Emergency Personal Transport
Primary Crewusually Uran, occasionally Brains
Operational StatusActive
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Created by Ace Dreamer.

The "SS Gee Gee" (more properly the Shitagane) was the first vehicle Brains built. Seeing as he planned to use it in the British countryside, and fly in the UKs highly restricted air space he made it effectively invisible to sight and radar, and equipped it with passive sensors to avoid collisions. He was also beginning to think about obscurity as a personal theme.

Unlike many Fen vehicles this was built from scratch, which Brains as an engineer thought himself quite capable of. The basic material was mylar, polyester sheet, waved into layers of the ultra-materials dureum, lux and relux, so they become nearly indestructible. He built it at night, in the near-derelict garage, just beyond the edge of his property. Then spent several days outfitting it.

Initially just called the Work Horse, it was named the SS Gee Gee by Uran, who thought the fancy Japanese name Brains had devised was stupid. The Gee Gee was the first stage in Brains planned building of their Lunar home, and was the means to carry the equipment needed to build the SS Champ.

The basic invisibility comes from meta materials, with negative refractive indexes, bending light and radar around them. Then the equivalent of super carbon black, absorbing all wavelengths. Layered on this is an image generation system, which can produce a holographic image in light and sound around the vehicle; this can also absorb light and provide a minimum level of electrical power.

The Gee Gee has no AI and started with minimal control systems; its navigation is 'point and fly'. Its design was inspired by EE 'Doc' Smith's Lensman, and by the works of John W. Campbell; indestructible ships that lacked such things as computer controls.

There is no obvious engine, no obvious fuel, no source for the life support or the protective force fields. In fact they are there, painstakingly layered as patterns and circuitry into the inner walls, almost bottomless power storage accumulators, MEMs 'gyroscopes' for gravitic flight, superconducting ribbons, all protected by further layers of ultra-materials. Brains prototyped all the designs, and where necessary miniaturised them, then tested them rigorously, before starting building.

The Gee Gee is 2.36hex external, and over 2hex internal (Hero System vehicle rules; a hex = 2mx2mx2m).

Known Vehicle Quirks

  • It is possible to lose the Gee Gee if you leave it somewhere invisible, unless you are particularly careful.
  • If parked somewhere invisible, someone will almost invariably try and park in the same place.
  • If the vehicle is cos-playing, say as the 'Eagle 5' Winnebago (Spaceballs), people wont believe it isn't the real thing.
  • Performs best if "Ghost Riders In The Sky" is playing quietly, but is usable without this.
  • Needs to get rid of absorbed energy, somehow, such as by a directed infrared burst.


Shitagane means 'basic metal', in an art object.


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