Elena van Oorebeek

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Elena van Oorebeek
ResidenceKorolev Air Force Base, Kandor City, Luna
NationalityFenspace Convention
Other namesVan'beek
CitizenshipSoviet Air Force, The Watch
OccupationCo-pilot, USSR Ptichka (2008-2013)
Captain, GCU Yuri Gagarin (2013-current)
Missions2009 Tau Ceti Expedition
2011 Epsilon Indi Expedition
2013 Delta Pavonis Expedition
Mission insignia2009 Tau Ceti mission patch.png 2011 Epsilon Indi mission patch.png 2013 Delta Pavonis mission patch.png

Primary Writer: Vangeek

Also known as Van'beek, Vangeek, 'lena, and 'B'.

'bout 5'5", a little plump but pretty, brown eyes.

Mundane Attributes

  • Books! So many...Books! Avid reader, writer, and poet
  • I am not Emeril: Good cook
  • Flyboy! Wait, no...Flygirl! Got her pilot's licence (at Mal's insistence, apparently he thought she'd be good at it) and has enjoyed it ever since.
  • I'm a what? BNF....sort of

'Wavium Abilities

  • No...fucking...way: Due to an unfortunate incident (partially explained below) involving handwavium, a bath, and a scattered approach to organization, Elena now has hair (and possibly the Voice) suspiciously similar to that of Susan Sto-Helit of the Discworld novels. That being incredibly bushy, wild, and stark white, with a single streak of black. She has no control over it, literally, and the hair has been known to switch hairstyles randomly or remain stubbornly resistant to styling. While she is/was very pleased with the end result of her accident, she is often very annoyed with it and misses her normal blonde hair. This leads to her dying it blonde on occaison, though the colour fades within a few days.


  • Huh...wait, what? Sometimes known as absentminded professorism. Can get completely absorbed or distracted at times by something else, also is sometimes forgetful. This is primarily what lead to the 'accident' with her hair.
  • Cool under pressure, or not: Elena is, normally, a very careful pilot. Under certain circumstances, however, she becomes a very dangerous pilot, with the odd habit of being a better flyer the faster she goes. It is guaranteed that she will nearly crash any ship she flies in this state, but never actually does.
  • Sweet saccharine hell! Sugar has approximately the same effect on Elena as a combination of Jolt and alcohol might have on someone else, with the frightening side effect of having much better reaction times. Oddly enough, an excess of caffeine doesn't do much.
  • Hey mon, just chill: Is laid back and generally very friendly and talkative with people. Tends to be a little nervous at first a big gatherings but soon settles in. Also gets annoyed with some of the more extreme fen out there.
  • *twitchtwitch*: The only things that Elena can truly not stand is country music, cat and or fangirls, Trekkies, and fast 'bubblegum pink' j-pop. She carries around a real mace (named: the Mace[tm]) to deal with such things, but at other (and more rational) advice, carries a foam mace as well for actual physical contact.
  • I'm not really a generalist, I think: While having varied interests in several fandoms, and deeper interest in a two or three, Elena is not very hardcore (compared to others). Her only truly passionate fan interest is Terry Pratchett's Discworld.
  • Musically inclined: She loves to sing. A lot. And perform, once in a while. Music almost always will be playing when she's on duty.
  • Temper, temper: Once in a while, very rarely, has explosive outbursts of temper. Warning signs are increased control over her usually uncontrollable hair (start running), and what so far has only been rumour, the mysterious 'Voice' (don't stop running).
  • Oh yeah: And she can be very, very stubborn. And is interested in just various fandoms but...well, a lot of things. Crime, science!, gardening, costuming making...


She carries around an old fashioned brass fireplace poker as a companion weapon to the Mace. ;)


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