Whistler Services

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Whistler Services
FoundedOctober 2009
HeadquartersKA Preiswert, Semi-synchronous orbit
Area servedSolar System
Key peopleNaedial Warringer
Danni 'Thora' Koslowski
Thorsten 'Bully' Lehmann
Alexander 'Mehandor' Zweigart
Fee Carmichael
ProductsVarious Orbital Salvage
Space-certified Intermodal Containers
ServicesOrbital Debris Cleaning
Commercial Satellite Maintenance
Other Services
Owner(s)Naedial Warringer
Danni 'Thora' Koslowski
Thorsten 'Bully' Lehmann
Alexander 'Mehandor' Zweigart


Whistler Services was founded as Whistler Orbital Services in 2009 when the Toy Box launched into orbit from Germany.

Within one month of operation Danni Koslowski, a former employee of EADS Astrium, aquired the first long term salvage and satellite maintenance contracts with SES Astra, marking the beginning of the actual operation of Whistler Orbital Services.

As Stellvia happened to be 'out of the way' from the primary operation area of the Toy Box it was decided to build a station, named KA Preiswert in Semi-synchronous earth orbit.

Until 2011 Whistler acquired further large maintenance contracts with Eutelsat S.A. and Hughes Communications, and minor salvage contracts and good relations with various national space organisations.

Usually any salvage that is obtained during normal operations is refurbished and sold to various fen and factions, while other salvage is shipped to clients.

While nominally unaligned with Operation Great Justice during the Boskone War the SS Toy Box and other Whistler craft rescued several stranded spacecraft pilots and larger space ships, increasing the standing with most factions. Only a Boskone attack on the Toy Box in the late stages of the war caused Whistler to align with Great Justice.

In early 2012 the Board of Directors (the four owners) decided that it would be a good idea to split the company into two branches, based on different areas of specialization.

So Whistler Deep Space Services was split from Whistler Orbital Services, with Whistler Services becoming the Mother company.

In mid 2014 Whistler Containment Systems joined the two other branches as Cuno Station on 4183 Cuno came online and began to produce a varied array of Intermodal and other containers.

Whistler Services

Whistler Orbital Services

The first and original branch of Whistler Services.

With the Toy Box and KA Preiswert they mainly work in Cislunar Space, servicing satellites and in some cases stations as well as Fencraft with problems, and collecting orbital debris.

Orbital Debris Collection was the original intention for the Toy Box, but with several maintenance contracts with commercial satellite owners shifted the focus.

Whistler Deep Space Services

The second branch of Whistler Services.

Finishing the Thrillmaster lead to a larger area of opportunity for Whistler Services and the Thrillmaster left Cis-Lunar space very often for maintenance contracts for some Fen corporations. However the main focus of Whistler Deep Space Services is to provide help to any Fen who has problems while in Deep Space.

This lead to construction of the first Clemency class repair and salvage vessels.

Whistler Containment Systems

With the Toy Box, the Thrillmaster and KA Preiswert being build largely from Intermodal containers, Earth proved to be a relatively bad place to get these very useful standardized containers. So the Board of Directors decided that it would be prudent to build their own.

After finding a perfect candidate for the first fixed base in the Apollo class asteroid 4183 Cuno, they began to build a largely automated station with the help of Rockhounds, Inc and Hephaestus Mining and Metalworking, Unltd..

Cuno Station came online in mid 2014, and soon produced the first air tight and unwaved 20 foot Intermodal container. Since then Whistler Containment Systems is one of the main suppliers of Intermodal containers as well as other sorts of containers through Fenspace.

Currently Cuno Station gets most of its raw materials from mining out 4183 Cuno.

Whistler Propulsion Systems

Also based around Cuno Station is Whistler Propulsion Systems since late 2014 after a raise in demand for propulsion and reactor systems. Whistler reacted by building a production line for their Philo Fusion Torch Acceleration Engine Series and their Hawk ArcJet Ion Speed Drive Series. Also build by WPS is the Philo Fusion Reactor series, sharing a good portion of its design with the Fusion Torch Engines.

If a Fenship uses an acceleration drive and was build in 2015 and later, chances are that they will have a Philo Fusion Torch.

Whistler Dockyard Services

With the success of WCS and WPS as well as several fen combining containers and speed drives into simple spacecraft, Whistler decided to build simple container craft from the ground up, leading to the construction of a dockyard on Cuno Station. Since Whistler had previous experience with building these container craft, in the form of the Toybox, KA Preiswert and Thrillmaster, such a design was quickly made.

Several sizes of container craft are build by WDS, based around 20 feet, 40 feet or 45 containers as well as a combination of more then one container. The Dino class yard ship is also a design on WDS and found in the service of all larger Factions due to their solid and quality construction. An older design by Whistler is also the Orbital Sled, also used by many factions and corporations in Fenspace.

Another product of WDS are dockyards that are rented to other factions/corporations as well as private entities for their own purposes since early 2016.


Whistler Services is mainly aligned with a small Pulper faction, the Rhodanites.

Notable are good relations to various 'Dane corporations and space agencies as well as most of Fenspace.