Johnathan Mulder

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Johnathan Mulder
ResidenceThe Island
NationalityFenspace Convention
EmployerBanzai Institute for Biomedical Research and Strategic Information
Home townIowa, USA
TitleHuman Resources Coordinator At Large (Detached)
Relativesuncle, name as-yet-unknown

Open Character, created by Kokuten

Also Known As "Hound" to the Blue Blazers (ever since he demanded "Don't call me 'Fox'!")

Johnathan Mulder is a fourth generation American by way of French ancestors who fled from unknown troubles in Germany (pre-WWI) The family name was originally 'Muller', and was corrupted by the Ellis Island folks. No trace of his French or German ancestry remains, with his dirty-blonde hair, his nondescript hazel eyes, and his well-tanned, strong features, this guy is 100% corn-fed Iowa America. Graduating from high school in 2005, John worked as an apprentice to the maintenance team for the local Union organization, and saw the difficulties of the men and women involved in that organization, how tough it was for them to find the 'perfect job', that allowed them to combine their vocation and their avocation.

When he saw an ad for the BBI in an out-of-state newspaper (that someone had used for packaging, for an X-Files DVD he ordered), he decided to give it a shot.

That was the beginning, and he hasn't looked back since. Johnathon currently maintains a permanent address on The Island.[1] Most of his time is spent in hotels or 'roughing it', in the process of his dual job for the BBI.

The first part of this job is Recruiting - Johnathon finds likely candidates for the various branches or specific assignments of the BBI, and does his best to sign them up, usually by just pitching the job in his earnest, straightforward, no-nonsense manner that he learned growing up. Johnathon has developed The Knack for his job, and hardly ever pitches a job to someone that is unsuited or uninterested. His record has given him great leeway in 'fixing the deal', allowing him to customize offers to fit situations.

The second part of the job, and the one that takes up the lion's share of his time, is Support. Johnathon is one of the support agents for the BBI Man-in-the-field, able to provide on short notice or long term, lodging, food, transportation, medical support, or even evac.

Johnathon can be found striding through a marketplace in Cairo or a back alley in Berlin, riding in a cab in the Dullin tunnel in France or the main drag in Brooklyn, hiking through the Bush in Alaska or the river basin of the Zambize.

Notable Mundane Attributes

  • I don't want to talk about it: Is aware of The X-Files. Is a closet fan of The X-Files. Does not appreciate connection between last name and The X-Files.
  • Here, sit down, let's talk: Very good at his job, recruiter for BBI, official job title is "Human Resources Coordinator At Large (Detached)"
  • I will use my Rabbit Style to defeat you! Knows a smattering of a few martial arts, has no problem using them to distract/disarm/disable long enough to use his primary athletic talent
  • Outta here! Track and field all through high school, has kept in very good shape. Can sprint for surprisingly long, can 'wolf-lope' all day long if necessary.
  • Tank, I need an exit! Carries (and keeps charged) a "go phone" ('waved Satphone); will not hesitate to tap local, 'fen, BBI-local, BBI-fen, or authorities for assistance or rescue.

'Wavium Abilities

None; not biomodded.


  • Lightweight: Low alcohol tolerance, little to no experience with alcohol. Fairly stupid when drunk, ex "You're *hic* abshlutley gorgeous and vry nice person and got big tits, ma'am, but I'm looking for my Scully, and you're not-" (passes out on aforementioned bosom)
  • Nice Kid: While he will fight in self-defence, Johnathon is a Nice Kid from Iowa, and he's not terribly comfortable with anything 'extreme' or 'alternative'. Not a bigot, just not comfortable - very low squick level.
  • Corps is mother, Corps is father: An only child, both parents deceased (natural causes), one remaining uncle (who is a moderately skilled clothier on The Island). Main emotional ties are to BBI-as-organization, and Buckaroo-as-father-figure.
  • Personable: Is a genuinely Good Person, committed to the goals of the BBI, and to helping those he's brought into the fold. Square Peg for the job's Square Hole.
  • Can't keep ahold of it: Johnathon prefers to use a wired or wireless headset for his go phone, as he is on it quite often, but can't keep hold of one. Cords will get snagged, wireless sets will fall off and get ran over, batteries in wireless sets will mysteriously melt. No-one knows.


  1. Actually, his uncle's place, but there is a room for him.