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These are the known members of the Banzai Institute for Biomedical Research and Strategic Information. Real names are given where known; code-names are given in quotation marks.

The Hong Kong Cavaliers

The original crew of the World Watch One were finally convinced that they were good enough to take the name of the Hong Kong Cavaliers shortly before the end of the Boskone War.

BBI #14. Samurai Magician Deejay, captain of the World Watch One, and de facto leader of the BBI
BBI #8.
BBI #39. Ninja Rockstar Firefighter
BBI #42. Card-Carrying Genius, Markswoman, and All-Around Femme Fatale. The only obvious biomod in the Hong Kong Cavaliers, Nezumi may or may not be a Named Sailor.[1]

Junior Fabulous and the PS238 Brass

While some consider this jazz combo to be only the horns section for the Hong Kong Cavaliers, those who know the origins of the group all agree that it has the chops to stand alone. Originally making their public debut at the wedding of Noah Scott and Leda Swansen, the PS238 Brass take their name from the fact that most of them attended PS238 or contributed to the faculty in some fashion. All are members of the Blue Blazer Irregulars in good standing, with vocalist Holly G. gaining notoriety during the Boskonian attack on Crystal Osaka for her actions (and, to some extent, her physical appearance). The PS238 Brass made their first solo appearance at the Stellvia Independence Day Party, opening the festivities while the Cavaliers dealt with something that Blackstone would only say involved "four things and an elephant."

Predictably, the PS238 Brass focuses on jazz, swing, rhythm and blues. When backing the Cavaliers, they move further towards rock and roll, but without the other band's strong guitars and keyboards, they generally focus on their own strengths.

Members of the PS238 Brass include:

Junior Fabulous
The grandson of Mister Fabulous, Junior has inherited his grandfather's talent with the trumpet, and leads his band in the style of Big Band leaders of the past, from within the ranks. Recordings of the PS238 Marching Band's rendition of "Hey Pumpkinhead" include a blistering trumpet solo by Junior. Junior is often recognized by his outfits, as he likes to wear paisley vests of eye-catching (some might say eye-melting) colors. In addition to being a virtuoso on the trumpet, Junior is a skilled physics student, a masterful motorcyclist, and a decent CADD artist.
"Holly G."
Known mostly for her uncanny resemblance to Audrey Hepburn, Holly G.[2] serves as the PS238's resident torch singer and chanteuse. Often taking the stage in a black dress and simple string of pearls, her vocal range covers three octaves and she can smolder just as ably as she can shatter glass. Surprisingly, neither her voice nor her looks are handwaved; it's all her. In addition to being a singer, Holly G. is a crack shot with a pistol (she prefers a Kahr PM9 9mm), a decent cross-country runner, a talented chef, and a nurse-in-training.
"Jimmy Bones"
Standing 6'6" and weighing 170 lbs., Jimmy Bones looks like he's just this side of starving. And he eats like it too. But this Blazer seems to be in perfect health, and he brings his talent with the trombone to the stage whenever the Brass make the scene. According to some sources, he and Junior have known each other since they were in preschool, and the rapport that the trombonist has with his band leader seems to lend itself to this. Jimmy is also the owner and driver of the band's vehicle, a handwaved 1960 Cadillac Eureka hearse, painted broze with brass chrome, known as "Hortense." Jimmy is a talented practitioner of pankration, a licensed chiropractor, and is hoping to go into medical school to learn osteopathic medicine.
"Little Edward"
At 5'2" and 260 lbs., Little Edward is Jimmy Bones polar opposite, and the physical differences carry over to the social. Where Jimmy is gregarious and lackadaisical, Edward is quiet and private. Where Jimmy and Junior get on so well that they can finish each other's sentences, Edward is often the opposing view when the band leader comes up with a plan. The only time that Edward and Jimmy are alike is when they play, and Edward's cornet provides screaming counterpoint to the mellow notes of Bones' trombone. The two are known for ripping impromptu "duels" on stage, where the intensity of Edward's playing argues with the easy notes of Bones's in "conversations" that almost echo their normal speech. Off stage, Edward is a world-ranked bridge player, an aspiring poet (published several times in Harper's Weekly), a skilled diver, and a computer programmer.
Tommy Thompkins
One look at Tommy, with his short haircut, freckles, and collared shirts, and you might think he's a preppie 'Dane that took a wrong turn somewhere. The truth of the matter is that he did, but he never regretted it. Neither has anyone else who's ever met him, because Tommy has the almost uncanny ability to get along with anyone. (Nezumi: "He's so damned nice! I want to hate him for it, but I can't!!") Tommy plays saxophone, and brings a sense of care and diligence to it that he brings to everything. While not a perfectionist, Tommy believes in being prepared and doing a job well, and it shows in the results. Not unsurprisingly, Tommy is an Eagle Scout, but he is also a 5th-dan practitioner of Okinawan Karate, an expert on wilderness survival, and a student of theology and sociology.
Felix, to be honest, doesn't look like a Felix, but that's the name that this Korean clarinetist answers to, so that's what they call him. It's rumored that Felix escaped from North Korea, but he generally laughs that off as "lies and propaganda, spread by my groupies."[3] It is known that he is classically trained, and that he likes to play Bartok and Prokofiev. As the odd man out in a brass band, he prefers to be a quiet supporter of Junior. In addition to his musical talent, he is an aspiring meteorologist, a mathematician, an decent boxer, and a world-ranked Magic: the Gathering player.

Other Named BBIs

"Mrs. Johnson"
Coordinator of the Banzai Institute's main North American headquarters.
Coordinator of the NorCal Blue Blazer chapters
BBI #75, "Tico" is the Rugsucker's leader
Rugsucker, Armory staff
Rugsucker, Armory staff
Johnathan Mulder ("Hound")
BBI Human Resources Coordinator At Large (Detached)
John Clark, aka "Johnny B. Goode"
Concert organizer and promoter, and president of Cavalier Concerts
"the Wren"
BBI #178. Ex-second-story-man, teaches mountain climbing in France.
Frederic "Full Byte" Ferdinand
BBI #255 (hence his nickname). "Fixer", specializing in handwavium technology.
PC Patel
BBI #293. London Metropolitan Police officer
"Joe Friday"
BBI #313. Kandor City Police Department officer
Marie-Louise Garneau
BBI #841. Commercial attaché at the Fen Consulate to Canada
A political scientist based in the London office. "[S]he’s a fen, she’s a punk, and she’s undeniably a product of Her Majesty’s Empire. Most people see the leather jacket, the spiked hair, and the tanker boots and stop there. What they don’t notice is that the Union Jack on her shoulder is a badge of pride, not of rebellion, and that she cares very deeply for Great Britain and feels that She could still be an superpower in the Really, Real World, if the people would just believe in Her."
Jonathon Helscher
Captain of the Inelegant Truth
"John Steed"
A retired MI5 agent. Not the gentleman from that television show.
"Mrs. Peel"
Another retired MI5 agent, who used to work with "John Steed". Doesn't look at all like Diana Rigg.
"Tommy Eight-Fingers"
"Jake Banzai"
"Elwood Banzai"
BBI #4124. Maker of the Best Popsicles in Fenspace. An old friend of the Hong Kong Cavaliers and one of the Guys Who Built The Bus, Longshot has a tendency to throw himself into pet projects, overdo the research to amazingly obsessive lengths, and turn up with some rather impressive product. His popsicles range all over the spectrum, from pickle pops (made with pickle juice and perfect for cooling down and rehydrating), mango-ginger pops, cheesecake pops, raspberry-fudge pops, cucumber-jalepeno pops (a Cavalier favorite), and even the strangely enticing Bloody Mary pops (complete with an olive frozen inside). Wherever you find Longshot, he's there with his portable freezer and a batch of popsicles of some sort. Longshot is an avid and somewhat rampant bleeding-heart liberal and all-around nice guy (Blackstone refers to him as the winner of the "First Annual Banzai Institute Mensch of the Year Award."), and he doesn't charge for his popsicles. His only rule is that the kids get first pick.

The "Senshi" Contingent

These Blazers are usually found in Senshi space - along with Holly G., everyone listed here was present for the Fall of Crystal Osaka, and the team was responsible for saving dozens of lives.

Wanda Green
BBI #772


  1. Nobody wants to confirm or deny the rumor.
  2. Holly uses the family name "Golightly" when just the initial isn't enough.
  3. Which groupies these might be, he never says.