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The Red Lad Revue is primarily a "show tune" cover group, but they also perform full-blown musicals in the "Imperial Flower Troupe" style.[1] They debuted in February 2018, and are based out of the Clark Savage, Jr. Memorial Stadium and Music Complex.


Kohran Li
The founder and principal backer of the Revue, Kohran is better known in Fenspace for her mad science skills. While she's been known to headline, Kohran prefers to work behind the scenes or take a role in the chorus.
Earl O'Shaughnessy
A regular on Kohran's "Red Lad" radio shows during the Boskone War (as the recurring villain "Dirk Kingman Boscome"[2]), Earl was the first person she recruited for the Revue. As the only male in the Revue, he gets more than his share of lead roles; luckily, he can sing as well as he can act.
Mamoru Yamada
The Revue's regular scriptwriter and perpetual supporting actress, Mamoru is the third of the group's three founding members.
Makoto Miyadera
The newest member of the Revue (debuting in April 2021), Makoto is quickly becoming the troupe's next big star because of her good looks, clear singing voice, and comic timing.


As of 2022, the Red Lad Revue has not released any albums.


  1. Not as over-the-top as a Busby Berkeley musical, but reminiscent of the same era.
  2. Nobody ever accused the radio show of being subtle.