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A list of musicians in Fenspace.

Local Acts

Homegrown bands, both original and fandom-derived.

Amadeus Ex Machina
An all-AI group that specializes in classical electronica.
Black Velvet & Gem's Tones
A three piece group whose names are **WHITENOISE** Black, Velvet **WHITENOISE**, and Gemma **WHITENOISE**, but play up the starry sky aspect of the combined name.
Bombastic Hush
A French-influenced electropop trio, popular on and near Mars.
The heaviest of heavy-metal, and a Douglas Adams tribute band. Yes, both at the same time. Known for ending their concerts by thanking the audience for all the fish.[1]
Fugue State
An all-girl metal group, popular on both Earth and Luna specializing in metal transcriptions of 18'th to 20'th Century classical music.
The Hong Kong Cavaliers
Debuted in 2011, but didn't take their current name until December 2013. Primarily "classic rock," with forays into practically every other style.
Junior Fabulous and the PS238 Brass
Jazz and big-band, when they're not the "horns section" for the Hong Kong Cavaliers.
Madness dotFen
**WHITENOISE** (with the Professor as a special guest on the cover-tracks "One Step Beyond" and "She Blinded Me With Science" on their debut album One Step Beyond The Sky)
The Red Lad Revue
Debuted February 2018. Primarily "show tunes," but perform the occasional full-blown musical in the "Imperial Flower Troupe" style.
Rhysling's Space Troubadours
Sugar Rush
All pop, all catgirl, all the time. Based out of 125 Liberatrix, they're popular with teens.
Sunshine Galaxy
Debuted half a year before SerenityCon. Pop with occasional forays into harder rock, metal or power ballads (and the occasional mambo or dance track voice over rap). Fronted by singer Hoshikage Kouyou, backed by session musicians.

Up from Earth

Usually just to tour, not permanent residents of Fenspace.

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  1. They donate whatever fish they've been given to the local food bank.