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Located at the edge of the eastern edge of Candor Chasma, Mars Vegas grew from a pipe dream of a few Las Vegas Fen into a Fenspace Mirror of Las Vegas.


All started out with a group of Las Vegan Fen, who previously worked in various casinos and hotels and managed to get some money with them to settle down near the edge of Candor Chasma in 2012, loudly proclaiming the foundation of Mars Vegas. Until 2014 Mars Vegas was little more then a couple of simple houses and a larger construction base where a hotel and casino complex was build, based on the Sands Hotel, the later Red Sands Hotel and Casino.

During the mid 2014, more activity came to Mars Vegas after a group of Trekkies awoke Vic Fontaine, who subsequently moved to Mars Vegas to rebuild his Vic's Mars Lounge, through in this case it extended into a casino and hotel complex.

With two larger complexes being build, there was a third player drawn into Mars Vegas, the Fenspace White-Hat Mob, who decided to build a copy of the Stardust Casino.

Three large hotel casino complexes resulted in more interest to Mars Vegas, and the expected tourist traffic made a local space port needed, as well as homes for anyone working in those complexes, allowing Mars Vegas to grow quickly and eventually get its own energy dome to allow normal operation within city limits.

With the space port finished, the three complexes opened within just two month, first being the Red Sands, followed by Vic's and finally the Stardust.

The Rat Pack

While Vic's hosted Vic Fontaine and the Stardust hosted a number of successful shows, the Red Sands at first did not have a native show, until the owner decided to go for a radical idea, by bringing the Rat Pack to the Red Sands. Originally they were only intended to be anthropomorphic rat (Rat Pack after all) marionettes based on Vulpine Fury's work and controlled by a central computer, but the waving them made them awaken as AI's.

As a direct result the Rat Pack became active part in Mars Vegas.

Mars Vegas Turf War

The Mars Vegas Turf War is not really any sort of war as such, but rather a Tourist attraction. Most tourists however do not know that however.

It largely involves groups from one hotel complex 'raiding' another, by butting into a running show and disturbing it. It's not possible to predict who disturbes whom.

Mars Vega Security

'What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.'

Between the Mob, the Rat Pack and Vic Fontaine's crew Mars Vegas deals with any actual criminal problems by themselves. Between 2015 and 2018 there were five known attempts of Zwilniks to get a foothold in Mars Vegas, but within 24 hours they were delivered in an unmarked airtight 20 foot container to the Space Patrol Station in Port Lowell.

There is also a rumor of one Zwilnik group being found dead at the foot of the Mars Vegas cliff because they dealt with something worse then catgirls. No one knows if those rumors are true however.

There was also one incident with Zwilniks that involved Space Patrol Section Six.

Mars Vegas Government

The City Government of Mars Vegas sorely consist of a Board of Governance with the owners of all stores and establishments in Mars Vegas being part of this board. Each member carries the same weight of votes and comes together at least once a week.

Points of Interest

Red Sands Hotel and Casino

The Red Sands is the first casino in Mars Vegas. It was planned first, build first and opened first.

Based on the original Sands Hotel in Las Vegas, the Red Sands initially had the best response by tourists, however was eclipsed by Vic's and the Stardust. The awaking of the Rat Pack however has managed to relativize the popularity across the big three Hotels.

If you want to see an original 'Summit at the Sands', or hear some of the best Swing or Jazz in Fenspace, all in a 50s ambiance, the Red Sands is the place to be.

Vic's Mars Lounge

With the main target audience being aimed at Trekkies, Vic's hosts a large number of Trekkie-centric amenities, but that does not mean that you won't find something else there.

If you want some nice Rock 'n Roll, Blues or just Vic, in a 60s ambiance, you are at the right place.

Stardust Hotel

Like the Red Sands based on an original hotel in Las Vegas, the Stardust was build and is operated by the Fenspace White-Hat Mob.

While they are something at odds with The Rat Pack and Vic, they have a professional working relationship with them. The Stardust is also a little more professional by modern standards and closer to a real Las Vegas hotel.

The opening of the Stardust was hosted by Tom Jones and the Circ de Solei had their first off world performance in the Stardust.

While the other of the big three concentrate on 50s and 60s ambiance, the Stardust goes for a 70s ambiance. Here you can find good Pop and Disco.

Hajo's Coffee Shop

Worth the notice is Hajo's Coffee Shop, an 'original' dutch coffee shop, because it easily offers the best coffee on planet Mars and some 'special' brownies. Most of the higher-ups in Mars Vegas can be found here to relax.


Katharine's generally boils down to being the Moulin Rouge, in space, with only catgirls in the staff. They are said to be more then just staff and offer some other services, but when asked Lady Katharine, the owner of Katharine's, generally answers "I don't care what they do in their free time."

The Canterlot

A mix of the Camelot from Las Vegas and My Little Pony, this is the largest commission ever for Vulpine Fury's Puppet Works. All employees are either AIs or telepresences using Gepetto-grade biomimetic shells. It feels more "New Vegas" than "Classic Vegas," with performances by Blue Mare Group, The Great and Powerful Trixie, The Guess Hooves, and other Ponified Acts, as well as Unicorn Jousting, Pegasus derbies, and so on. It's not doing so well, since the "Brony" phenomenon was weaker ITTL, due to a large portion of the fanbase going "up." This is perhaps the most lavish gathering point for the Furries in Fenspace.

The Vault

Is a completely underground hotel built by Fallout fen and inspired by Vault 21 from Fallout: New Vegas. Styled after the vaults from Fallout with select rooms having different fallout themes. Best known for their take on Nuka-Cola brand soda, Fallout themed gift shop, and low rates. The staff host Fallout LARPs every Saturday known as the Vault Raid.