Olympus Mons

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Olypmus Mons (photo courtesy of NASA)

Located on Mars, Olympus Mons is the most recognizable part of the Tharsis Buldge, the largest known volcano in the Sol System. Rising roughly 27 kilometers (17 miles) above the Martian surface, it is three times taller than Mount Everest on Earth and covers an area approximately the size of Texas.

The minds behind the Mars Terraforming Project intend for Olympus Mons to become even more of a tourist attraction than it currently is, by introducing skiing and other winter activities once there's enough weather to work with. Note, one will still need assistance breathing after that, especially if one goes all the way up.

Known Places at Olympus Mons

  • Hotel Bradbury is an exceptionally tasteful, recently-opened hotel designed primarily to cater to the Earth tourist trade. Decor includes replicas and originals of some rare sci-fi art and artifacts from the Forrest J. Ackerman collection. The remainder of the hotel's 2010 rooms are typical for a high class hotel. Unlike many Western hotels, the Bradbury does have a 13th floor, including the Rod Serling, Stephen King, and HP Lovecraft suites.
    Hotel Bradbury
  • Café Lankhmar is a full-service hotel restaurant located within the Hotel Bradbury, with a top-tier chef. The café's kitchen provides typical "room service" to the hotel and the pseudo-medieval themed dishes for the restaurant itself. Of particular note, the sommelier stocks several excellent Martian Red wines as well as the expected "Solar System's Finest beverages."