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A research party out of New Adelaide examines Valles Marineris for life on Mars.

The free city of New Adelaide is located on the northern rim of Valles Marineris near Ophir Labes, on Mars.

It is best known for the New Adelaide Opal Exchange (which serves as a broker for Martian opals mined from the floors and walls of Valles Marineris), the Australian Consular Mission to Mars (found here beause of the relatively large Australian ex-pat population in New Adelaide), and the overall "wild west" feel to the settlement. Scientific and mining teams that explore Valles Marineris usually use New Adelaide as their home base because of its central location, so the town's Merchants' Quarter caters to these expeditions. As yet, the settlement is too small to support an Undine, but a few locals hire themselves out when someone wants a tour guide.

Panzer Kunst Gruppe trainees from Noctis Labyrinthus can sometimes be seen visiting New Adelaide, either on their own business or acting as guards for the Opal Exchange. Occasionally a Spark or two visit the settlement, leading to some wild speculation that Castle Heterodyne is somewhere near Valles Marineris.