Tomed Incident

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Tomed Incident
Date November 2009
Location Port Luna, Luna
Result Draw
United Federation of Planets Galactic Republic

Outside of Tranquility Base, Port Luna's greatest claim to fame is that it was the site of the November 2009 Tomed Incident, the bar-brawl-turned-riot that still stands as the largest and most violent interfactional dispute in Fenspace's history.[1]


The Trekkies and the Warsies were the belligerents in this not-quite-war. It took a diplomatic note from both Starfleet Command and the 501st Legion to the people involved – the Treaty of Algeron[2] - to get things under control.


The Tomed Incident encouraged a number of Fen, including a large number of Fivers, to act as unofficial peacemakers between factions. This, and the example of the Tomed Incident itself, made answering the question of "ownership" of Ganymede a far more peaceful process than anyone expected.

The incident was also held up as a major reason for all factions to accept the Kandor Treaty that formalized the Fenspace Convention.


  1. Assuming one doesn't count the Boskonians as a faction, in which case the Tomed Incident is dwarfed by the Boskone War.
  2. "Stop being dickheads and play nice, already!"