Outrigger II: The Sequel

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Spacecraft Registry
Outrigger II: The Sequel
Spacecraft Characteristics
Base HullN/A (See Ship's Quirks: Kitbash)
Drive TypeN/A (See Ship's Quirks: Kitbash)
Drive RatingMax velocity 0.1c
OwnerEric Zhu, Floating Island Pte, Ltd.
Flag of RecordThe Island
Registry NumberISS-OR2-4a
Primary CrewVarious, Including station staff and Fisherbots
Operational StatusActive
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The Outrigger II[1] is in a constant state of flux, both in its appearance and its capabilities. She is technically Eric Zhu's private ship, though it's typically used for normal station business at the Island. Eric doesn't travel much.

Known Vehicle Quirks

  • Kitbash: The Outrigger II's hull and interior is in a constant state of flux, as are its capabilities. The Island's army of utility robots, the Fisherbots, seem obsessed with making changes to the ship. The Outrigger usually has a deep streamlined bow and a narrow aft section, with two engine pods extending to the sides. Usually.
  • Kage Bunshin: Outrigger II has no AI of her own...but Simon-Peter, the Island's AI, can apparently clone himself to it at will. Or split himself. Or establish some sort of link regardless of distance. It's...not quite clear, but it works.
  • Respec Token: Naturally, the capabilities of the Outrigger II vary greatly, but she usually has a single large articulated arm (like one of the ones on the ISS Octopus), light armaments, and some cargo capacity. She's a jack-of-all trades ship, does whatever needs doing.


  1. Presumably there was an Outrigger I: The Original. If so, however, nobody seems to talk about it. The Island crew are very tight-lipped about this subject.