Ginnette "Jin" Leung

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Ginnette Leung
NationalityFenspace Convention
Other namesJin
CitizenshipThe Island
EmployerFloating Island Pte Ltd, Island Real Estate Investment Trust
TitleMarketing, Corporate Relations, Non-Fen Liaison

Primary Writer: Acyl

Island Marketing, Business

Mundane Attributes

  • Fish, Water?: Not really Fen. Fendane at best. But her friends were part of the original Island venture, and sometimes you just get dragged along for the ride.
  • Ms. Peel: Assisted Eric and Matt with the... somewhat dubious financial deals behind their land purchase, and acquiring the various materials for the project.
  • Spin Doctor: Heads up advertising and marketing for the station. Oversees retail and deals with dirtside suppliers.

Handwavium Ability

None known.


  • Sitcom Heroine: Pretty, funny, petite, and absolutely neurotic. In a cute way, of course. And if you say otherwise, she'll hunt you down and kill you.