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Spacecraft Registry
Spacecraft Characteristics
Base HullLuxury Yacht Pinnafarina
Drive Ratingmax velocity 0.1c
OwnerJoseph Corcoran
PurposeGondolier vessel
Primary CrewJoseph Corcoran (captain)
Thomas & Allison Dobbs
Tabitha Doe
Other CrewBlossom (AI)
Bubbles (AI)
Buttercup (AI)
Auxillary VehiclesPearl Forrester
Operational StatusActive
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She began her service as the Pinnafarina, a luxury yacht owned by a Miami drug dealer. Original design specs would allow her to comfortably tour the Caribbean with 12 passengers, including the captain/crew. Four decks, vehicle bay with room for two automobiles and two motorcycles. Swimming pool and sundeck.

She was in private drydock when the DEA and the FBI raided. The dealer drove his Ferrari from the hold after a running gun battle with agents, ignoring little things like oh, say, the doors? The damage drove down the price significantly at the ensuing government auction.

Captain Corcoran, as he's currently known in Fenspace, had originally run tourists in a converted Volkswagen Microbus, the Pearl Forrester, and made enough money before the anti-'wavium legislation hit to purchase the Pinnafarina and the necessary oddments to refit her as the Pinafore. The Pearl Forrester is now the Pinafore's launch.