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Spacecraft Registry
USS Miranda
Spacecraft Characteristics
Base Hullone “Large Array” radio telescope
Drive Typecola-uncola mutual annihilation engine; 80% efficient mass-energy conversion
Drive RatingMax velocity 500c
OwnerMiranda Consortium (several major colleges including Cambridge, MIT, Sanford, and Tokyo University; the SETI group; and many private individuals)
Flag of RecordUtopia Planitia, Mars
FactionHalf ’Dane, half Trekkie
LaunchedWinter 2009-2010
PurposeSerious Astronomy
Primary CrewApril Roberts (Captain)
Z. Williams (Science Officer)
Kenneth Barnum (Security Chief)
M.L. da Vinci (Chief Engineer)
Liza (Entertainment/Councilor/Astrogation AI)
others, as yet unnamed
Other CrewElizabeth Crumpet (Captain's Assistant, Officer Supernumerary)
others, as yet unnamed
Operational StatusActive
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Created by ClassicDrogn

The USS Miranda is the result of probably the only wide-spread privately funded space program that would ever exist. There’s a carefully maintained dived between the ’waved systems (drive, enviro, navigation) and the pure hardtech (astronomy, mainly), especially in the computers. Serious Science has no room for waving hands.

The ship is best known for its discovery of the first known extraterrestrial artifact, the so-called "Squidleighs' beacon," during its first five-year exploration mission.

Known Vehicle Quirks

  • Its five-year mission... The Miranda has a sixty-month limit on its fuel supply, which can only be replenished in the Sol system. Other consumables need to be replaced more frequently, but can be scavenged from comets and gas giants.


The Miranda discovered the Squidleighs' automated beacon in 12-12-2012.