April Roberts

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April Roberts
April Roberts.png
Captain Roberts, on the bridge of the USS Miranda
ResidenceUSS Miranda
NationalityFenspace Convention
EmployerMiranda Consortium
Commands heldUSS Miranda

(Primary Writer: ClassicDrogn )


Former Australian Air Force jet pilot, retired on disability due to to a motorcycle accident that caused her right arm to be amputated above the elbow. Circa SOS-Con she's the captain of the United-Earth Star Ship Miranda, just leaving the second-to-last star system the ship will be able to explore before turning back for the two year trip to Sol.


Captain April looks remarkably like an Andorian save for the lack of antennae, after a biomod that (successfully) attempted to give her the regenerative healing ability of a horseshoe crab. Her blood is bright, sky blue, with a copper base rather than iron, requiring some allowances in her diet but nothing major as long as it's planned ahead of time. Just having sashimi wrapped in seaweed fairly often will take care of it, though all too often on the five year trip away from the oceans of Earth she's had to make do with supplement pills. Her skin is also tinted that way instead of pink as a result, and the blood clots essentially immediately if she's cut.

A promotional shot of April Roberts in a cheesecake uniform on a mockup of the bridge of the Miranda, used as a promotional image for the Miranda project.
She regrew her missing arm to functional levels in five months, though it was about a year before she fully regained coordination and only now is her simulator performance good enough to risk getting back into a cockpit. She almost always wears at least one insulating layer, usually a wooly cardigan, over the black-and-grey late-Trek-alike Miranda duty uniform due to a reduced ability to maintain body heat, another minor side effect of the biomod. She can also make her eyes bug out, but she could always do that; it's nothing to do with the 'wave per se, just muscle control.


Generally relaxed and a bit of a joker, April is something of a peacenik for the common image of a military person. She'll look and look hard look hard for any peaceful solution before a violent one. A life-long affinity for science fiction and space exploration also fostered a tolerant attitude - she joined the AAF to get closer to the stars, and at least once a month she'll be spotted wearing a pair of deelie-bopper antennae as a joke on he appearance and the nature of the ship. Her Yorkshire terrier Elizabeth Crumpet ("Bitsy" or "Bits", occasionally "The Yorkshire Terror") is listed as Captain's Assistant, Officer Supernumerary in the ship's log.