Korolev Air Force Base

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Korolev Air Force Base


Airport type Military: Air Force Base
Owner/Operator Soviet Air Force
Location Kandor City, Luna
Built 2009
In use 2009 - present
Occupants VVS Deep Space Exploration Forces
Website korolevafb.sovietairforce.fen

Korolevgrad, also known as Korolev Air Force Base, is the nerve center for Soviet activity on Luna and the home port for most Soviet spacecraft. The base was initially founded in 2010, using the proceeds from the VVS’ first successful contract with the French space agency CNES to build a first-class staging base. Clark Universal Construction was hired to do most of the heavy lifting, while the VVS provided architectural designs. The base is separated into two major parts. The first part is the complex under the Kandor City dome which houses the main meeting areas, bunkhouses, canteen, staff quarters and greenhouse. The second part is the hangar complex which sits outside the dome for obvious reasons and is connected to the interior by a series of long passageways. Korolev Hangar One is the main hangar, and it is one of the more impressive (if less well-known) sights of early Fen construction. Hangar One is a 500 meter diameter cylindrical borehole cut 500 meters into the lunar surface, with 12 large landing pads attached to the sides of the borehole. The pads are arranged in a spiral running from top to bottom, an arrangement which allows all pads clear access to the exit. Hangar One is capped by an opaque dome with entrance and egress doors. The entire facility is pressurized; atmosphere containment fields maintain the internal atmosphere.

The town of Korolevgrad is the largest Soviet city and part of the greater Kandor City metropolitan area. The city’s current (2022) population is 3,900, and consists mostly of Soviet ship crews and their dependents, film production staff and others. Korolevgrad is a magnet for left-wing bohemians and people who want to hang out around left-wing bohemians, and this can be seen in the colorful, quirky[1] decorations on most buildings. The town soviet is led by mayor Miranda Delgado.

The Mad Chef

The Mad Chef (no other name known nor given) is a European expat of French or English origin who arrived in Korolevgrad in late 2015 and promptly set up a restaurant (also called The Mad Chef) in the middle of town. Apparently the Mad Chef is a master of multiple cuisines, and when taken by a fey mood will immediately junk entire menus in favor of totally different cuisines, sometimes in the middle of a service. On most days The Mad Chef serves modern European cuisine, but the menu can vary from English to Japanese to Sumatran to Ancient Egyptian with very little notice.

  1. By which we mean “indie movie quirky,” not “handwavium quirky.”