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N, aboard the Kobayashi Maru
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Open Character, created by Griever and Rob Kelk

N, no other name on record, is an androgyne as well as a shapeshifter and tactile esper. This was induced by a 'wave biomod, the source of which was 'removed' during a mid-2012 raid on a Boskonian slaving facility. The purpose was to create a single 'blank slate' template strain of handwavium, which would cause the person 'modded with it to shift into as close an approximation of the most pleasing form in its 'owner's' mind as possible. It's a conditioned response upon skin contact, and before this was properly diagnosed upon recovery, N's blank slate of a mind was affected by a number of conflicting stimuli, leading to the sparking of an actual persona complete with skills and abilities from a melange of sources (including skills at moving stealthily). The conditioned response still remains, though, and whenever N touches someone, skin-on-skin, the 'neutral' base form - chalk-white skin, white eyes, no real defining features, hairless - changes. Hence, N tends to wear gloves and full-body overalls.

N served as the Weapons Officer of the Kobayashi Maru during the Boskone War. After the end of hostilities, (s)he found hirself at loose ends for months until accepting an offer from the Vesta Institute of Biochemistry to become a "guinea-pig in residence" for a half-year - a decision that was regretted almost as soon as it was made. N drifted through the inhabited parts of space for a while, moving from heavily-populated areas to thinly-populated areas to sparsely-populated areas until (s)he finally reached Aria Field on Titan. Establishing a residential dome close (but not too close) to that outpost, N spent a year and wrote hir memoirs, discovering a talent for writing in the process. N has since become a writer of popular fiction, and never goes on book tours.

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Katz Schrödinger


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